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6km of cycling paths open in the Central Business District
28 Nov 2022
The LTA states that the new cycling paths are supported by a total of 4,800 public bicycle parking spaces, as well as various end-of-trip facilities.
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The six worst places to drive to in Singapore, ranked
20 Jun 2022
Yes, driving is fantastically convenient, but it isn't always easy. Here are our picks of the six worst places in Singapore to drive to.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Google Maps | 64,339 views | Features
OCBC Bank partners with Charge+ to launch the largest EV charging hub in Singapore's Central Business District
17 Mar 2022
With 10 Electric Vehicle charging points in OCBC Centre's carpark located at 65 Chulia Street, the CBD now sees the addition of a new, largest EV charging hub.
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What going car-lite actually entails and why it isn't as extreme as it sounds
24 Aug 2021
Car-lite doesn't mean car-free: A closer look at the controversial term among Singaporeans shows that it isn't as extreme as it sounds.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Editorial Team, CLC, HDB, STB, TechCrunch | 11,748 views | Features
Land Rover breakfast stop in the Central Business District
24 Sep 2018
Land Rover collaborates with local cafes, Strangers' Reunion and EGG STOP, to bring breakfast to the Central Business District.
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Shared e-scooters going places in CBD
24 Jul 2017
Home-grown start-ups Telepod and Neuron Mobility have begun offering shared e-scooter services in the Central Business District.
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Fully automated system uses robots to park cars at Robinson Towers
08 Feb 2017
The reopening of Robinson Towers in the Central Business District will feature a fully automated system that makes use of robots to park cars.
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Car-Free Sunday to return on 30th October and extends to Telok Ayer area
26 Oct 2016
Car-Free Sunday, which ran for six months earlier this year, will return on 30th October with more roads to be closed and longer closure hours.
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Time to review Park & Ride
11 Oct 2016
The Land Transport Authority is reviewing Park & Ride - a scheme designed to reduce traffic congestion in the Central Business District.
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New direct bus services from heartlands to CBD
04 Oct 2016
Two new City Direct Services, services 671 and 672, will make two one-way trips each way on weekday morning and evening peak periods, excluding public holidays.
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Five most expensive places to park in central Singapore
05 Jul 2016
Aside from the usual morning and evening peak hour jams, Singapore's city centre is also notorious for its high parking costs. Here are five of the most expensive parking spots in central Singapore.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 142,824 views | Car Ownership Advice
Car-free plan for CBD and Civic District to open up more recreational space
30 Dec 2015
A pilot scheme to make the CBD and Civic District car-free on select Sundays have received thumbs up from experts and cyclists.
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Five new City Direct bus services from September
22 Jul 2015
Five new express bus services to ferry commuters directly from their neighbourhoods to the city, will begin progressively from September.
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Uninterrupted cycling route from Bishan to CBD
01 Jul 2015
The Urban Redevelopment Authority plans to study whether the Kallang Park Connector can become a seamless commuting route for cyclists.
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Public electric mobility charging stations to be installed at five CBD buildings
30 Sep 2014
BMW Group Asia and CapitaCommercial Trust forge sustainability partnership focused on sustainability and innovation.
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