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Underused road lanes could be turned into cycling or bus lanes
28 Aug 2020
With the pandemic reducing traffic on the roads and changing commuting patterns, underused road lanes could be converted to cycling and bus lanes.
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Essential cross-border travel targeted to start from 10 August
14 Jul 2020
Officials in Malaysia and Singapore are working towards allowing essential travel across the border by 10 August 2020.
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New Green lane to be established for essential travel into Malaysia
27 Jun 2020
A Reciprocal Green Lane, to be established at the Singapore-Malaysia border, will facilitate cross-border travel for essential business and official purposes.
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Seat spearheads urban mobility with three new e-scooters
18 Jun 2020
Seat spearheads the transformation of urban mobility with the launch of three new electric scooters as part of the MO series.
ERP at most locations to be suspended amid COVID-19 outbreak
31 Mar 2020
Electronic road pricing will be suspended at most locations from 6 April 2020, with remaining spots seeing rates slashed in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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More caught smoking while commuting
04 Sep 2018
Observers said the rise could be due to the fact that the law was extended to private-hire vehicles, which outnumber cabs more than two to one, last October.
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Delays due to train fault on the East-West Line
28 Jan 2016
A train fault on the East-West Line has delayed commuters during peak hour on Thursday morning, with an additional travelling time of 15 minutes.
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Singapore moving towards less commuting
25 Nov 2013
The recently released Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) Draft Master Plan 2013 will see people commuting less but walking and cycling more.
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Motorists using their mobile phones while commuting on the rise
10 Feb 2013
According to a poll by The Sunday Times, a majority of motorists have admitted to using their mobile phones for various reasons.