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Kah Motor launches its Aftersales Concierge Service
04 Mar 2021
Kah Motor's new Aftersales Concierge Service enables customers to arrange scheduled servicings for their vehicle at their convenience.
Local News | 2,243 views | Honda News
Looking for the best car workshop? AutoApp is like a trusted friend
14 Aug 2020
Like a trusted friend, this new app offers an experienced team to handle all of your car's maintenance and servicing needs, saving you time and money.
Idris Talib, Photos by AutoApp, Low Fai Ming | 8,401 views | Features
Suzuki launches test drive concierge service
03 Apr 2020
Suzuki's new test drive concierge service allows its customers to take a Suzuki car for a spin at a time and place of their choosing.
Local News | 1,756 views | Suzuki News
Lexus offers new Test Drive Concierge service
27 Mar 2020
Guests can experience the same level of luxury from the Lexus boutique right at their doorstep, with the new Test Drive Concierge service.
Local News | 2,714 views | Lexus News
Cycle and Carriage Kia rolls out concierge test drive service
21 Feb 2020
Customers can now choose to test drive their desired Kia and have the car sent straight to their doorstep, thanks to a new concierge test drive service.
Local News | 3,015 views | Kia News
Lamborghini launches Ad Personam at the Lamborghini Lounge Singapore
20 Sep 2019
Lamborghini's Ad Personam programme, which allows customers to personalise their dream car, was launched at the first ever Lamborghini Lounge in Singapore.
Bugatti creates the most exclusive customer concierge
18 Apr 2018
Bugatti customers can now benefit from real-time support via remote diagnosis - as in F1 or DTM - thanks to the carmaker's unique telemetry for data analysis.
MINI gets even smarter and more digitally advanced
14 Feb 2018
From March 2018, all new MINI models will be available with the option of a built-in 4G SIM card that will usher in a new era of connectivity.
sgCarMart understands the all new BMW 7 Series' drive and tech
29 Dec 2016
sgCarMart experiences how the all new BMW 7 Series raises the bar with its famed ConnectedDrive, Gesture Control and leading Remote Control Parking function.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Video by BMW Asia | 13,316 views | Features
Volvo Cars' concierge service will make your life easier
22 Nov 2016
Volvo Cars, the Swede carmaker, is promising that you will never have to stop at a petrol station, go to a car wash or even take your car in for a service.
BMW offers electronic concierge service to Singapore owners
11 Mar 2015
BMW is offering an electronic concierge service under its 'ConnectedDrive' smart network technology to owners in Singapore.
Local News | 5,447 views | BMW News