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Jaguar completes first C-Type Continuation car
30 Jun 2022
The first of the limited run of Jaguar C-Type Continuation cars has been built, finished in a Pastel Green inspired by the Reims Grand Prix-winning original.
Bentley announces new Speed Six Continuation Series
28 Jun 2022
Bentley Mulliner has announced that it will be building 12 new examples of the Le Mans-winning Speed Six in a new continuation series.
Bentley's new Blower engine comes to life in Crewe
10 Sep 2020
The engine for the first car in Bentley Mulliner's Blower Continuation Series has been fired up for the first time at Bentley's Crewe factory.
Bentley starts assembly of Blower Continuation Series prototype
06 Aug 2020
Assembly of the engineering prototype for world's first pre-war Continuation Series, the Bentley Blower, goes underway.
Bentley re-creates digital model of the Birkin Blower
20 Apr 2020
Bentley's Blower Continuation Series reaches a important milestone as a digital model is completed by the home-working team.