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It's clear: The rich are buying cars like never before
04 Aug 2021
LTA statistics show that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, people are buying high-luxury cars like never before.
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Seat converts its motorsport mobile homes into vaccination centres
14 Jul 2021
Seat Motorsport has converted its mobile motorhomes into vaccination centres to aid vaccine uptake in the Spanish city of Barcelona.
2021 Singapore Grand Prix cancelled due to COVID-19 safety concerns
05 Jun 2021
The 2021 Singapore Airlines Singapore Grand Prix has been cancelled due to safety concerns from the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Skoda donates to COVID-19 relief effort in India
17 May 2021
The aid to India will take the form of medical equipment and materials such as oxygen generators and liquid oxygen tanks.
New measures for commuters during Heightened Alert Period
16 May 2021
Taxis and private hire cars will not be able to carry more than two passengers, while commercial car-pooling services will be suspended.
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'Public transport still safe': Minister Ong Ye Kung
14 May 2021
Public transport remains secure given host of precautions enforced by transportation providers and the cooperation of commuters.
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Showrooms to remain open despite new social distancing measures
14 May 2021
Motor car showrooms will remain open but will adopt new, stricter social-distancing measures as the number of locally-transmitted cases rise.
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Over 70% of cabbies get first dose of COVID-19 vaccine
12 Apr 2021
More than seven in 10 cabbies and Private-Hire Car (PHC) drivers have received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.
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General insurance sector records a flat growth in 2020
19 Mar 2021
The general insurance sector in Singapore saw a flat growth in 2020, and is set to support Singapore's COVID-19 recovery efforts for the year ahead.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Active Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers starts today
23 Feb 2021
Starting today, active taxi and private hire car drivers will receive their COVID-19 vaccinations in order to protect frontline transport workers.
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SBS Transit posts lower profits for 2020
10 Feb 2021
SBS Transit posted a decline in its 2020 profits due to lower ridership, but the effects were mitigated by government relief and lower fuel costs.
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Bus and train ridership fall to an 11-year low amid COVID-19 pandemic
10 Feb 2021
Public transport ridership has fallen to an 11-year low due to COVID-19, with average daily ridership for buses and trains falling by 34.5% to 5.04 million.
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Vicom reports 14% drop in 2020 earnings despite government relief.
09 Feb 2021
Vehicle inspection centre Vicom reported an almost 14% drop in earnings for 2020 despite receiving $7.7 million in aid from the government.
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Land transport workers to be offered vaccinations from 25 January
27 Jan 2021
A programme to vaccinate about 80,000 land transport workers against COVID-19 has began as part of the national vaccination strategy.
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Digital transformation with Audi Spaces enables working and learning virtually
22 Jan 2021
With COVID-19, Audi had to find new ways for employees to work together, and Audi Spaces allows employees to come together in a 3D world of learning and work.