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Overwhelmed by your new car's endless list of safety features? It's all in the regulation
06 May 2022
Out of pity and intrigue at Dacia's (and one Renault's) poor showings at Euro NCAP recently, we try to concretise what a safe car means to the industry today.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Design Team, Manufacturers, ASEAN NCAP, Euro NCAP | 6,038 views | Features
Dacia celebrates production of 10 millionth vehicle
01 May 2022
The 10 millionth vehicle, a Dacia Duster finished in Urban Grey, rolled off the production line at the Mioveni plant in Romania on 20 April 2022.
Dacia offers first-of-its-kind car mud wash
09 Jan 2022
Available from a showroom in West London, the mud wash will cover the the lower body and wheel arches of your 4x4 in mud for proper off-road bragging rights!
Dacia has converted its Duster SUV into a light commercial vehicle
02 Oct 2021
A completely flat load floor and a bulkhead in place of the rear seats sees the Dacia Duster turning into a practical commercial vehicle.
Six kayakers complete 8,000km adventure through Lapland in the Dacia Duster
29 Sep 2021
The Daica Duster proves is mettle as a family adventure vehicle once more by taking six kayakers through the frozen Lapland in Finland.
Dacia reveals the new Jogger seven-seater
04 Sep 2021
Dacia claims the new Jogger will offer estate car practicality, MPV spaciousness and SUV styling, all combined in one.
Dacia reveals the name for its next seven-seater
31 Aug 2021
The Dacia Jogger name was chosen for its simple pronunciation, said to represent dynamism, positive energy, and the outdoor spirit.
New visual identity symbolises Dacia's move into a new era
22 Jun 2021
Dacia is adopting a more modern look that stays true to its goal of delivering high-quality vehicles that offer the best value.
Dacia releases the new Sandero and Sandero Stepway
02 Oct 2020
Dacia has released the third generation Sandero and Sandero Stepway, the first Dacia models to be built on the new CMF platform.
The Dacia Spring foreshadows the firm's first all electric model
07 Mar 2020
The Dacia Spring foreshadows the firm's first and Europe's most affordable all electric car, scheduled for production in 2021.
Groupe Renault delivers exclusive Dacia to Pope Francis
29 Nov 2019
Groupe Renault has gifted a Dacia Duster 4X4 to his Holiness Pope Francis, specially designed for the mobility needs of the Pope.
Groupe Renault celebrates one-millionth vehicle produced at Tangier plant
12 Jul 2017
Groupe Renault is celebrating the production of its millionth vehicle - a Dacia Lodgy - at the Renault-Nissan plant in Tangier, Morocco.
Dacia Duster gets Efficient Dual-Clutch transmission
09 Oct 2016
The Dacia Duster's automatic six-speed Efficient Dual-Clutch transmission boasts comfort and smoothness, as well as great fuel economy and low carbon emissions.
Dacia pulls the wraps off the Duster off-roader
12 Dec 2009
Dacia has unveiled its latest offering, the Dacia SUV, which promises to "an economical to buy and run, tough, reliable and easy-to-use 4x4, aimed at motorists looking for an everyday car with real of...