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Stellantis revives Lancia brand; new Ypsilon and Delta confirmed
29 Nov 2022
After years of churning out Ypsilons, the firm has revealed a new logo, and announced the fact that a new flagship and Delta are currently in the works.
Alfa Romeo offers bespoke liveries for the Giulia GTA
05 May 2020
The Centro Stile Alfa Romeo has developed dedicated liveries for the Giulia GTA recalling the unique history of the brand.
Delayed Sentosa Gateway Tunnel to open on 27th April
03 Apr 2017
The Sentosa Gateway Tunnel, which connects outbound traffic from Sentosa Island directly to Lower Delta Road and Keppel Road, will be open on 27th April.
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Private-hire drivers picking up fares from roadside
12 Oct 2016
The Land Transport Authority said last week it has investigated 35 alleged cases of private-hire vehicles picking up fares illegally since 2013.
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Time to review Park & Ride
11 Oct 2016
The Land Transport Authority is reviewing Park & Ride - a scheme designed to reduce traffic congestion in the Central Business District.
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Big leap forward for electric vehicles
19 Sep 2016
Delta Motorsport has launched a brand new micro-turbine technology aimed at helping electric vehicles match petrol or diesel-powered equivalents.
Free pre-peak MRT rides extended by one more year
27 May 2015
Commuters who end their journey before 7:45am on weekdays at 18 designated MRT stations in the city area will continue to enjoy free travel on the network.
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Upgrading works at three MRT stations to be completed by middle of 2015
31 Jul 2014
Commuters travelling via three MRT station on the East-West Line can expect less congestion after upgrading works are completed by mid-2015.
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Nissan unveils revolutionary petrol engine to complement electric power
29 Jan 2014
At a ratio of 10bhp/kg, the lump has a better power-to-weight ratio than the new 1.6-litre power units to be utilised by F1 this season.
Construction firm's Director jailed for road rage
21 Dec 2013
The director of a construction firm was sentenced to a week's jail for causing harm to another driver in a road rage accident.
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Nissan's hybrid DeltaWing racer gains momentum at Fuji Speedway
24 Oct 2013
Nissan's revolutionary ZEOD RC electric prototype, which was unveiled a couple of days ago, had its on track debut in Japan last weekend.
Nissan looks back at the radical Deltawing through a retrospective video
11 Dec 2012
Nissan's Deltawing debut at Le Mans did not end well but its resurgence at Road Atlanta was a more memorable affair - despite a few glitches.
One bump from a Porsche sends the Nissan DeltaWing crashing
20 Oct 2012
The Nissan DeltaWing experiment racer was doing some impressive laps at 15th annual Petit Le Mans when it was struck by a GTC class Porsche.
Onboard footage from the experimental Nissan Deltawing
21 Mar 2012
Do you remember the Batmobile-like car backed by Nissan, that we reported a couple of days ago? Well we have onboard footage now!
Nissan backed DeltaWing experiment car to race in Le Mans
15 Mar 2012
Nissan together with Dallara have created a Concorde like vehicle for the race track and are planning to play with the big boys.