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Mitsubishi reveals design of the Outlander PHEV
15 Oct 2021
Mitsubishi has revealed the design of the all new, plug-in hybrid Outlander ahead of its premiere in the U.S.A come 28 October 2021.
Facelift - Volvo XC60 Mild Hybrid B6 R-Design (A)
14 Oct 2021
Ample improvements to the XC60, including a more refined, intuitive interior and a smooth mild hybrid powertrain, make for a sublimely comfortable family SUV.
Desmond Chan | 3,444 views | Volvo Reviews
Bentley revives classic paint options in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its design department
05 Oct 2021
Bentley Mulliner has searched through the firm's records to revive 15 classic colour options in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its design department.
You can now get your own Land Rover Defender design model
01 Oct 2021
The Land Rover Defender design model is available in three authentic colours and will be limited to just 5,000 examples worldwide.
Bentley celebrates 70th anniversary of its design department
26 Sep 2021
Bentley Motors is celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of its own design department at Crewe by looking back into the past and the future.
SAIC R Ryzr concept merges bike, car and streetwear all into one
25 Sep 2021
The SAIC R Ryzr concept could be the perfect option to get your driving and riding thrills in, while staying fashionable of course.
Citroen C3 specially designed for India and South America gets crossover-heavy styling
17 Sep 2021
Designed by and for India and South America, the new Citroen C3 gets raised ground clearance and improved outward visibility.
Video Review - Audi A6 Sedan Mild Hybrid 2.0 TFSI S tronic Design
16 Sep 2021
The Audi A6 is quiet, comfortable, and classy, making it a desirable premium sedan.
Clarence Seow | 4,445 views | Audi Reviews
The all-electric Mobilize Limo is designed for use as a taxi
29 Aug 2021
The new electric four-door saloon from mobility firm Mobilize will be available in Europe exclusively via a subscription service.
Genesis goes clean and sleek with the new GV60
19 Aug 2021
The first images of the Genesis GV60 reveal the firm's all-electric coupe SUV going for a rather different design ethos.
The Ford Bronco Riptide project vehicle is designed for your sun-soaked coastal life
19 Aug 2021
The Bronco Riptide project has tubular doors and a surfboard rack above, for the customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle
Tesla is cool, but check out these 5 EVs that we aren't getting!
18 Aug 2021
Stop living under a rock! While we are finally getting Tesla cars here, there are still many amazing EVs that we are missing out on. Here are five of them.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Manufacturers | 10,932 views | Features
Genesis previews motorsport concepts designed in collaboration with Gran Turismo
17 Aug 2021
Genesis has showcased its motorsport intent at Monterey Car Week with the reveal of the Genesis G70 GR4 Gran Turismo.
MINI strips out a MINI Electric with Fashion Designer Paul Smith
13 Aug 2021
The stripped-out MINI Electric was designed to shine the spotlight on the issue of sustainability in automotive design and manufacturing.
The Kia Soul EV Boardmasters Edition is designed for surfers
10 Aug 2021
A raised ground clearance and a custom-made roof rack designed to hold surfboards make the Kia Soul EV Boardmasters Edition the perfect beach vehicle.