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Skoda looks to the future with augmented reality glasses, empowering technicians
16 May 2021
The glasses provide enhanced assistance for technicians, facilitates remote training, and reduces the likelihood of errors.
Kia's new identity - radical transformation
20 Jan 2021
Embracing electrification and digitalisation is all the rage now, but here's why Kia's recently announced transformation could be the most significant yet.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Kia | 4,592 views | Features
The MINI One Piccadilly Edition comes to Singapore
12 Sep 2020
The MINI One Piccadilly Edition embraces digitalisation while honouring the spirit of the original Mini, and is now available in Singapore.
Local News | 4,479 views | MINI News
Mercedes-Benz S-Class receives new innovations
05 Aug 2020
The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class receives new innovations, such as rear-axle steering and frontal airbags for rear occupants.
Audi ranks first in terms of patents for electric drives
18 Jul 2020
Audi ranks number one in terms of patents for electric drives, leading in patent applications filed for electric drives in Germany.
Singapore premiere of the Audi A4 to be presented on Audi Live
02 Jul 2020
Audi Singapore will premiere its first-ever Audi Live session with the virtual launch of the upcoming facelifted Audi A4.
Local News | 2,502 views | Audi News
Audi's Head of Technical Development steps down
23 Jun 2020
Audi's Head of Technical Development Hans-Joachim Rothenpieler steps down, with CEO Markus Duesmann taking over the position.
World premiere for the new Golf: Digitalised, connected, and intelligent
26 Oct 2019
The eighth generation Golf sports a revamped exterior and a significant technological change both in its interior and the drivetrain.
The new Golf is raring to go
12 Oct 2019
Volkswagen has scheduled the premiere of the new, eight generation Golf for 24 October 2019, at its premises in Wolfsburg, Germany.
Mercedes' latest design concept embodies its history and future
18 Sep 2019
The Vision Mercedes Simplex symbolises the firm's transition into a new era of design while paying homage to its historical legacy.
LTA goes paperless - New digital services and what's next
05 Dec 2018
The digitalisation of the vehicle transfer process is not the only change from LTA, read on to find out what exactly are the changes planned.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by LTA, Newslink | 17,083 views | Car Ownership Advice
Audi and Porsche join forces for shared vehicle architecture
07 Apr 2017
To shape mobility and make faster progress in the race for the future, Audi and Porsche join forces for shared vehicle architecture.
Volkswagen Group anticipates new era of auto industry digitalisation
11 Mar 2014
Chairman of Volkswagen AG's Board of Management Prof. Dr. Martin Winterkorn comments on how as computer and cars are moving closer together.