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Distance-based ERP 'several years' away
18 Feb 2020
The Land Transport Authority said in June last year that the second generation ERP system is on track to be progressively rolled out from this year.
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Hydrogen distance record broken in Hyundai Nexo
01 Dec 2019
Bertrand Piccard has driven 778km in a Hyundai Nexo, breaking the world record for the longest distance driven in a hydrogen-powered vehicle on a single tank.
Performance meets luxury in the Alfa Romeo Stelvio Ti
08 Sep 2019
The historic 'Turismo Internazionale' name makes a return on the Stelvio range, used to denote GT cars known for covering large distances in comfort and style.
AIWAYS U5 battery-electric SUVs embark from Xi'an for Frankfurt
22 Jul 2019
The Shanghai-based personal mobility provider has embarked on what is believed to be the longest point-to-point drive of a prototype electric vehicle ever.
AA Autoventure to embark on longest ever London to Singapore expedition drive
11 Jul 2019
The Automobile Association of Singapore is about to embark on its first and longest ever London to Singapore expedition drive.
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Shift to new ERP system starts next year with free in-vehicle unit swop
17 Jun 2019
In-vehicle units will be replaced free of charge with larger on-board units that show more information and charge by distance.
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Porsche locks out first row at world's toughest long-distance race
17 Jun 2018
At the wheel of the #91 Porsche 911 RSR, Gianmaria Bruni set the quickest time during the first qualifying session.
Porsche 911 GT3 R wins the long-distance thriller in the Eifel
15 May 2018
After an enthralling final phase, Nick Tandy, Frederic Makowiecki, Richard Lietz and Patrick Pilet have won the 24-hour race in the Eifel.
MRT faults remain at record high but overall distance-based reliability improves
08 Mar 2018
The number of major MRT delays remained high last year, even as the distance clocked by trains before faults occurred improved considerably.
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Ionity pan-European High-Power Charging network for long distance travel
06 Nov 2017
BMW, Daimler, Ford, Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche have teamed up to develop Ionity - a High-Power Charging network for long-distance electric vehicle journeys.
Going the distance in a BMW 5 Series
20 Jul 2017
We take the all new BMW 5 Series 520d Luxury on a 1,000km journey up north to find out what makes it the world's leading business sedan.
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Singapore ranks 9th cheapest in Asia for short-distance taxi fares
19 Jul 2017
Singapore ranks ninth cheapest in Asia for short-distance taxi fares, according to a survey by British online used car dealer Carspring.
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Nissan Leaf goes the distance in an all-electric Grand Tour across Europe
31 Aug 2016
The Nissan Leaf takes on six of the most beautiful drives in Italy, Spain, Germany, Norway, Scotland, and France; including Italy's iconic Mount Etna.
10 things to know about the next generation ERP system
26 Feb 2016
Here are 10 things to know about the new next generation electronic road-pricing system, which will come into effect from 2020.
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More transfers with distance-based public transport fares
07 Jan 2016
A survey conducted by the Land Transport Authority shows a change in public transport travelling patterns after the introduction of distance-based fares.
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