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These old Japanese cars from the 80s and 90s feature fancy tech you see in modern cars these days!
06 Sep 2022
Think the latest car features are high-tech and amazing? Well, don't be too shocked when you read about these classic Japanese cars!
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by FIN, Reddit, Wikimedia Commons | 6,508 views | Features
Here's how to prevent your car or its parts from being stolen
25 Aug 2022
Prevention is always better than cure. If you always drive across the border, you will want to minimise the chances of your car getting stolen. Here's how.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 5,071 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Newbie drivers take note - here are the road rules you should remember
09 Aug 2022
You've gotten some experience and no longer need to display the P-plate. But forget these road rules and you could land yourself back in the driving centre.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 12,418 views | Miscellaneous Advice
First-time car buyer: Choosing the right car
02 Aug 2022
Don't just buy a car that suits your budget. Considering how expensive it'll be to purchase and run, here are the other factors that should shape your decision.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 7,085 views | Car Buying Advice
Are you a new driver taking to the road? Read our helpful hints first!
25 Jul 2022
If you're a newbie driver who's just getting used to getting around by yourself, we've got more tips that can make your journey a safer one.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 7,063 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Helpful hacks: Driving tips for newbies to improve safety
07 Jul 2022
Singapore roads and traffic conditions can be scary to new drivers. Here are several tips from seasoned motorists that can level up your skills!
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Jeremy Chua | 7,219 views | Miscellaneous Advice
How to prepare your car for wet weather
14 Jun 2022
The weather is still mostly hot and dry, but thunderstorms are always around the corner. Here's how to prep your car to enhance its safety.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 7,946 views | Car Ownership Advice
5 habits that good drivers possess
09 Jun 2022
Driving is an activity that requires skill and concentration, but good drivers have certain habits that make them even better. Here are five we can learn.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 18,146 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Dangerous driving: When will we learn?
17 Jan 2022
A painfully tragic and absolutely avoidable accident near Christmas brings us back to the question: What must it take to make our roads safer?
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Google, Newslink, Unsplash | 25,481 views | Features
You don't need a car workshop for these seven simple routine checks
02 Nov 2021
Save a trip to the car workshop and perform these routine checks that all car owners should know how to do by themselves.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 24,617 views | Car Ownership Advice
Honda launches the next generation Honda SENSING with Level 3 driving features
14 Mar 2021
Honda has revealed the new Honda SENSING Elite safety system, with Level 3 automated driving technology to assist with traffic jams and emergency stops.
Seat adopts eye tracking glasses for more intuitive driving
21 Feb 2021
With these eye tracking glasses, Seat hopes to develop safer and more intuitive ways for drivers to interact with in-car technology.
More tips for driving in the rain
20 Jan 2021
Here are five more simple and easy-to-use tips to ensure your maximum safety while driving in heavy rain.
Desmond Chan, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 18,563 views | Miscellaneous Advice
Honda receives type designation for level 3 automated driving
15 Nov 2020
Honda has gained approval for a Level 3 automated driving system after receiving the required type designation in Japan.
What can cause a car accident and how to avoid getting into one
21 Oct 2020
Many causes of accidents are directly linked to the driver. Here are five examples of what you should do to minimise your risk while driving.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Newslink | 9,508 views | Miscellaneous Advice