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Mercedes-AMG GLE gets the Edition 55 touch
23 Jun 2022
The Mercedes-AMG GLE comes with an exclusive contrasting foil along its side, as well as special 22-inch AMG wheels.
AMG GT63 S E Performance gets F1 Edition in celebration of AMG's 55th anniversary
19 May 2022
Yup, the F1 Edition Mercedes-AMG GT63 S E Performance is yet another limited edition model launched in celebration of AMG's 55th anniversary.
Mercedes-AMG A45 and CLA45 get 'Edition 55' treatment
16 May 2022
Mercedes-AMG has extended the 'Edition 55' treatment to the 45-line of AMG compact models, all in celebration of AMG's 55th anniversary.
Mercedes-AMG A35 and CLA35 get the Edition 55 treatment
25 Apr 2022
The Mercedes-AMG A35 and CLA35 Edition 55 cars will come with gloss black exterior accents alongside a red/black two-tone interior.
Mercedes-AMG reveals G63 Edition 55
23 Mar 2022
Mercedes-AMG's 55th anniversary present to itself comes in either Black or Opalite White, with a red/black colour scheme for its cabin.
Ford Performance unveils new Ford GT Heritage Edition
19 Aug 2020
Ford Performance unveils a new Ford GT Heritage Edition to pay homage to the 55th anniversary of the 1966 Daytona win.
Comparison - Audi e-tron Electric 55 quattro & Jaguar I-PACE Electric First Edition
28 Jul 2020
Looking for an all electric luxury SUV? The Audi e-tron and the Jaguar I-PACE are both delectable choices fit for a greener lifestyle.
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DS celebrates 60th anniversary by releasing '1955' limited editions
18 May 2015
The very first DS, which appeared at the 1955 Paris Motor Show, became a legend in its time and was a major milestone in the 20th century automotive history.
Aston Martin One-77 sets top speed of 355km/h during testing
25 Dec 2009
The development of Aston Martin’s One-77 supercar is getting up to speed, with the car achieving a top speed of 355km/h during development testing
Mercedes-Benz launches the SLS AMG Desert Gold and G55 AMG Edition 79 in Dubai
18 Dec 2009
Mercedes-Benz has revealed two new special editions for the Middle East market, the SLS AMG Desert Gold supercar, and the G55 AMG Edition 79 off-roader
Seat Leon FR 550- Limited edition hatch makes for a racy drive
02 Apr 2008
Seat's popular hatch is given a devilish touch for that extra boost of power...