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Here's why hybrid cars are what you want next
22 Jul 2021
The future of cars lies in electrification. Take that step forward with one of Lexus's full hybrid cars and enjoy luxurious comfort while saving the earth.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Lexus | 9,123 views | Features
What's the difference between hybrid cars and mild hybrids?
20 May 2021
A Hybrid car, like its name suggests, is powered by more than one source - usually electric and fuel - pretty simple. But what's a mild hybrid then?
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 14,060 views | Car Technical Advice
Nissan's e-POWER drivetrain reaches new efficiency levels
04 Mar 2021
Nissan's next generation e-POWER system will reach a thermal efficiency of 50% thanks to a host of design improvements.
The Skoda Enyaq iV leads the field with a superb drag coefficient
26 Feb 2021
With its slippery design, the Skoda Enyaq iV has outstanding aerodynamic efficiency, increasing its range and making it extremely efficient.
DS Automobiles reveals the first details of the new DS 4
30 Dec 2020
DS Automobiles reveals the first details of the new DS 4, which will feature cutting-edge technology and begin a new chapter for the brand.
International News | 1,044 views | DS News
The Volkswagen ID.4's intelligent energy recuperation concept
17 Dec 2020
With electric cars, maximum energy efficiency is its main goal, and the ID.4's concept is to convert waste kinetic energy into electrical energy.
How polymers help Volkswagen make cars lighter and more fuel efficient
10 Dec 2020
Plastics and polymers are playing a new role in the manufacturing of cars, and Volkswagen is creating solutions with polymers to improve them.
Official sketches of the Volkswagen ID.4 reveal efficiency-driven design
29 Aug 2020
The first official renderings of the Volkswagen ID.4 reveal an SUV that combines flowing, organic forms and excellent aerodynamic qualities.
BMW presents sustainability targets up to 2030
29 Jul 2020
BMW Group makes sustainability and resource efficiency central to its strategic direction and presents its key targets to hit in 2030.
Hyundai and Kia develop new heat pump technology
12 Jun 2020
Hyundai and Kia turn up electric vehicle efficiency with the development of a new and innovative heat pump technology.
6 types of car performance modifications to make your car faster on the track
12 May 2020
Want to improve your car's performance? Here are the mods that drivers do to improve their lap time at the race track.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Idris Talib | 21,521 views | Car Technical Advice
The DS Aero Sport Lounge concept merges efficiency with avant-garde desirability
28 Feb 2020
The DS Aero Sport Lounge concept car looks at how the latest in efficiency can exist without giving up on character and strong design.
International News | 1,150 views | DS News
FK Massimo's engine oils keep your engine in top condition
19 Dec 2019
Keep your engine in top condition with Visionsphere and FK Massimo's wide range of boutique engine oils, catered for a variety of engines!
Clarence Seow | 10,482 views | Features
Volkswagen to build the Golf faster than ever before
28 Oct 2019
Numerous process improvements have been implemented to make sure the eighth generation of the bestseller can be built more efficiently than its predecessor.
Toyota unveils the all new Yaris
18 Oct 2019
The new Toyota Yaris compact car will offer driving pleasure, the world's highest level of fuel efficiency, and advanced safety technology.