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Pininfarina's electrifying 1,874bhp Battista enters production
14 Jul 2022
Only a total of 150 units of the all-electric, 1,874bhp Pininfarina Battista are going to be made.
Cupra begins production of the Cupra Born
29 Sep 2021
The Cupra Born, the firm's first all-electric car, has now entered series production at Europe's largest electric vehicle plant in Zwickau, Germany.
The Mercedes-AMG EQS53 4Matic+ is AMG's first series production all-electric car
10 Sep 2021
The first series production electric vehicle from Mercedes-AMG will offer up to 751bhp and 1,020Nm of torque with Race Start mode.
Volkswagen begins construction of new electric car plant in China
30 Apr 2021
The new Volkswagen plant will produce models based on the Group's MEB platform which will target younger customers with distinctive designs.
Porsche adopts new production process for the Taycan
15 Apr 2021
The innovative use of sealing patches instead of plastic plugs allows the Porsche Taycan to be manufactured more efficiently.
Rimac unveils the design of its new campus
14 Apr 2021
The new complex will enable the company to ramp up from prototype and smaller volume projects to high-volume production of its electric drivetrains.
Production of the Volkswagen ID.3 begins at Volkswagen's Transparent Factory
04 Feb 2021
Production of the Volkswagen ID.3 has begun at the Transparent Factory in Dresden, which is set to become the home of Volkswagen's ID models.
Volvo to triple electric car production at Ghent facility
09 Jan 2021
Volvo will increase the production numbers of its electric cars from its Ghent factory so as to meet the demand from customers.
Volkswagen prepares for the start of ID.3 production by phasing out the e-Golf
03 Jan 2021
The final units of the e-Golf have rolled off the production line at Volkswagen's Transparent Factory, with the new ID.3 to begin production in January.
The Rimac C_Two begins pre-series production
28 Dec 2020
Rimac is moving closer towards its goal of having the C_Two ready for full production in 2021 as it commences the build of the pre-series vehicle.
Volvo to produce electric motors in Skovde, Sweden
10 Dec 2020
Volvo will begin assembly of electric motors at its Swedish factory, with the goal of moving all electric motor assembly in-house by the middle of this decade.
Volkswagen Group commences MEB production at Foshan and Anting plants
02 Dec 2020
Local production of the Modular Electric Drive Kit is now underway at Volkswagen's Foshan and Anting facilities, with an annual capacity of up to 600,000 units.
Audi and FAW establish a new company in China to produce electric vehicles
23 Oct 2020
Audi and FAW have signed a memorandum of understanding for the joint production of electric vehicles based on the PPE platform in China.
BMW i3 hits 200,000 unit production milestone
20 Oct 2020
BMW has announced that it has produced 200,000 units of the electric i3, with sustained strong demand despite more electric cars hitting the market.
BMW starts production of the fully-electric iX3 in Shenyang, China
05 Oct 2020
The first fully-electric BMW iX3 comes off production line at BMW Brilliance Automotive in Shenyang, China, after production started on the 29th of September.