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LTA announces co-funding scheme for EV chargers in NLPRs
19 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced that it will co-fund the installation costs of 2,000 EV chargers at NLPRs, as an early adoption incentive.
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Emission-free motoring and everyday functionality meet in the BMW iX3, now in Singapore
13 Jul 2021
The BMW iX3 blends locally emission-free driving with BMW sporting ability and the comfort and functionality of a Sports Activity Vehicle.
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Your EV could add stability to our national grid in the future, thanks to SP
08 Jul 2021
SP Group is starting trials of a new V2G technology that could allow your EV to support the stability of the national grid.
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Nissan's new Electric Vehicle Hub will produce its next generation electric crossover
05 Jul 2021
Designed for global markets, Nissan's new all-electric crossover will be built at the EV36Zero facility on the Alliance CMF-EV platform.
Six reasons why you should now make the choice to go electric
02 Jul 2021
With growing capabilities, improving charging and expanding choices, the decision to go electric is becoming easier by the day.
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NTUC Income expands coverage of electric vehicles with new usage-based insurance model
25 Jun 2021
NTUC income's usage-based model makes motor insurance more flexible, affordable, and accessible for all electric vehicle owners.
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Toyota could offer more than just all-electric vehicles in the coming years
22 Jun 2021
At its annual shareholder conference, Toyota reiterated its belief that alternatives to all-electric vehicles would continue to be vital in the future.
Renault Zoe sets hypermile record for Electric Vehicles
13 Jun 2021
Equipped with range-extending EV tyres, a standard Renault ZOE has completed an astounding 760km on a single charge.
The BMW iX will arrive here by the end of this year - here's what we know about it
02 Jun 2021
With worldwide market introduction of the BMW iX slated for November 2021, we might see the latest EV from the Bavarian automaker sooner than we expect.
All-electric Nissan Ariya takes to the famous Monaco street circuit for its public driving debut
26 May 2021
Featuring a revolutionary new electric vehicle design, the Ariya all-electric coupe crossover is the icon of Nissan's innovative and electric future.
Lexus to introduce all-electric vehicle by 2022
21 May 2021
Lexus plans to introduce its first plug-in hybrid vehicle model in 2021, and an all-new battery electric vehicle model in 2022.
Sentosa Golf Club goes electric with Porsche Destination Charging
13 May 2021
The club extends its sustainability agenda by installing its first electric charging points in collaboration with the German sports car manufacturer.
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Volkswagen unveils new GTX electric vehicle performance brand
17 Apr 2021
Volkswagen has announced that the respective performance models of the ID. family will wear the GTX logo in the future.
EV charging locations in Singapore
09 Apr 2021
If you own an EV and worry about where to charge it, we sourced for a couple of public locations. Find out where they are, how they work and how much it costs.
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Public electric vehicle charging point tender draws 19 bids
01 Apr 2021
A tender for public electric vehicle charging points has drawn 19 bids, with the winning bid to build, operate and maintain more than 600 points for 12 years.
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