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Stamford Tyres opens new outlet at Revv Enterprise Hub in Jurong
22 Sep 2022
Stamford Tyres, which carries a wide range of brands, has opened its 14th outlet at the Revv Enterprise Hub located in Jurong.
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Ford unveils 2,000bhp Pro Electric SuperVan
24 Jun 2022
With 2,000bhp, this Pro Electric SuperVan should make sure your deliveries arrive on time with minimal local emissions. Save for the burning tyres of course.
Ford sets sights on Valencia, Spain for production site for next-generation EVs
24 Jun 2022
Ford in Europe has announced that its plant in Valencia, Spain, is its preferred site to assemble its next generation of vehicles.
Ford starts series production of all electric F-150 Lightning truck
28 Apr 2022
Ford states that demand for the all-electric F-150 Lightning has been strong, and plans to raise production to 150,000 units annual by 2023.
Ford offers first look at new all-electric commercial vehicle
24 Apr 2022
This new all-electric commercial vehicle is said to be the first of four, all set to be revealed by 2024 from Ford's new commercial solutions arm, Ford Pro.
Ford to double production of F-150 Lightning due to high demand
06 Jan 2022
Ford is planning to double production of the F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck to meet soaring customer demand in the U.S.A.
10 of the best comfort tyres for improved ride quality and quiet drive in 2021
27 Oct 2021
Comfort tyres or Touring tyres are suited for people who prefer an all-rounded, pleasant drive. Consider these 10 recommended tyres if you're looking for a quiet and comfortable ride.
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The Ford Bronco Riptide project vehicle is designed for your sun-soaked coastal life
19 Aug 2021
The Bronco Riptide project has tubular doors and a surfboard rack above, for the customer who enjoys the open air and a free-spirited West Coast lifestyle
Ford reveals the GT 64 Prototype Heritage Edition
13 Aug 2021
The 2022 Ford GT Heritage Edition supercar pays homage to the 1964 Ford GT prototypes that led to America's only Le Mans-winning supercar.
Affordable car wash with vacuum & interior clean by car grooming companies
16 Jul 2021
If you think your car needs a car wash, you're probably right. We found car washes all over Singapore that can scrub all that dirt and grime from your car for less than $30!
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MINI plants celebrate 20 years of production
27 Apr 2021
The MINI brand and BMW Group's U.K. manufacturing plants in Oxford and Swindon are celebrating twenty successful years of MINI production.
Ford Europe goes all-in on EVs for their journey to sustainable profitability
09 Apr 2021
By 2026, Ford hopes to have its European lineup to be zero-emissions capable, all-electric or plug in hybrid, before moving to a full electric lineup in 2030.
MSP Far East now provides paint repair and auto paint services
23 Mar 2021
As part of its efforts to provide more value-added services to its customers, MSP Far East now provides affordable and reliable paint and body repair services.
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Stamford Tyres opens a new outlet at Mega@Woodlands
06 Jan 2021
One of Singapore's biggest chains of tyre shops with multiple outlets spread across the island, Stamford Tyres has now opened a new outlet at [email protected]
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Ford Bronco R prototype finishes the 2020 Baja 1000
23 Nov 2020
A Ford Bronco R prototype has completed the 2020 running of the Baja 1000, one of the longest, toughest and most dangerous off-road desert races in the world.