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Jaguar Land Rover to develop hydrogen-powered Defender fuel cell prototype
15 Jun 2021
The FCEV concept is part of Jaguar Land Rover's aim to achieve net zero carbon emissions across its supply chain by 2039.
Hyundai Motor improves design and performance of the XCIENT Fuel Cell truck
01 Jun 2021
The XCIENT Fuel Cell is the world's first mass-produced, heavy-duty truck powered by hydrogen. It boasts exceptional durability and overall fuel efficiency.
Hyundai breaks ground on fuel cell plant in Guangzhou
04 Mar 2021
Hyundai has held a virtual groundbreaking ceremony for HTWO Guangzhou, the Group's first fuel cell system facility outside of Korea.
Extreme E and AFC Energy complete hydrogen fuel cell generator
29 Jan 2021
Extreme E and AFC energy have completed the hydrogen fuel cell generator that will allow the Extreme E race cars to recharge with zero emissions.
Hyundai advances hydrogen strategy with new fuel cell system plant in Guangzhou
18 Jan 2021
Hyundai's first offshore fuel cell system plan is set to be built in Guangzhou, China, and aims to produce at least 6,500 fuel cells per year.
Hyundai launches 'HTWO', its dedicated fuel cell brand
29 Dec 2020
Hyundai brings together over 20 years of hydrogen technology to usher in the new energy age with HTWO, its dedicated fuel cell system brand.
Toyota progresses towards making next generation fuel cell technology for trucks
26 Dec 2020
Toyota is ever closer in its quest to develop the next generation fuel cell electric systems for heavy duty trucks.
The second generation Mirai, Toyota's design and technology flagship
18 Dec 2020
The second generation Mirai has a striking and elegant coupe-like design, a rear wheel drive platform, an upgraded powertrain and more safety than before.
Toyota and JAXA announce the name for their Lunar Rover
02 Sep 2020
The name Lunar Cruiser was chosen because of the long-held familiarity with Land Cruiser among consumers and development team members alike
Hyundai showcases H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2020
10 Jul 2020
Hyundai showcases the future of hydrogen at H2 Mobility+Energy Show 2020 in Korea along with the HDC-6 Neptune Concept.
Hyundai and BTS celebrate World Environment Day with new film
10 Jun 2020
Hyundai premieres its new digital campaign film featuring BTS, titled 'Positive Energy', to celebrate World Environment Day.
Hyundai celebrates 30 years of innovations in eco-mobility
10 Jun 2020
Hyundai celebrates 30 years at the forefront of the innovation and development of environmentally-friendly vehicles.
Hyundai establishes hydrogen stations in Incheon Airport
17 May 2020
Hyundai is joining a collaborative effort to develop a hydrogen refuelling station for fuel cell electric buses at Incheon Airport.
Hyundai creates video for the Nexo on Earth Day
27 Apr 2020
Hyundai has created a 'How It Works' video for its hydrogen-powered Nexo fuel cell SUV in celebration of Earth Day.
Hyundai celebrates Earth Day with BTS in new film
24 Apr 2020
Hyundai commemorates Earth Day with a new film highlighting the beauty of nature and staring K-pop group BTS as a part of its Global Hydrogen Campaign.