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Techron D Concentrate offers superior cleaning on diesel fuel injection systems
11 Dec 2017
Caltex's Techron Concentrate fuel system cleaner is now available for diesel-powered vehicles, with the new Techron D Concentrate.
Ben Chia | 9,355 views | Features
No emission exemptions for port fuel injection vehicles
14 Jun 2017
The National Environment Agency has just announced that petrol vehicles with port fuel injection will not be exempted from particulate matter tests.
Local News | 3,088 views | Other News
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Bosch's water injection reduces fuel consumption by up to 13 percent
05 Sep 2016
In the WLTC, water injection makes it possible to save up to 4 percent of fuel; in real driving conditions, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 13 percent.
Understanding a car air intake system
08 Apr 2011
Your car's air intake system draws air, from the outside, into your engine. But do you know exactly how it works? Here's what you need to know.
Text by Richie Setiawan | 152,638 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Porsche Panamera to debut in China
07 Jan 2009
Porsche will be presenting the new Panamera to the public for the first time at Auto Shanghai 2009 in China from 20 - 28 April.
Mazda develops idle stop system using direct injection engine technology
10 Sep 2008
Scheduled for launch in 2009, the system improves fuel economy of gasoline vehicles by around 10%
New engine for the Porsche RS Spyder
01 Aug 2008
After the road-going Porsche Cayenne and 911, now the sports prototype RS Spyder profits from direct fuel injection technology (DFI).
New Porsche 911 with direct fuel injection and double-clutch gearbox
10 Jun 2008
4 new 911 models for Porsche with all-new flat-six engines.