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Gojek imposes new waiting time charge
19 Sep 2022
Gojek has announced that it is imposing a new waiting charge if drivers are made to wait more than an initial four-minute grace period.
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You'll be seeing a lot more BYD e6s on the road soon
29 Mar 2022
Two bulk orders of the electric MPV have been made just this month, including 100 vehicles by ComfortDelGro and another 500 by a private-hire operator.
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MOM to look into strengthening protections for delivery riders, PHV and taxi drivers
15 Sep 2021
Around 79,000 people worked with matching platform companies in 2020. An advisory committee by MOM will now look into strengthening protections for them.
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Gojek cuts service fees after Grab announces fare hike
14 Jun 2021
Gojek digs into its own pockets to launch a slew of initiatives to aid its driver partners, right after Grab declares a fare hike.
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Big dogs allowed! Grab expands suite of premium transport offerings with GrabPet XL and GrabCar Exec
06 May 2021
Grab has announced an expansion of its transport offerings with the introduction of two new on-demand premium ride options.
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Cabbies and private-hire drivers finding it tough even with eased restrictions
23 Nov 2020
Cabbies and private-hire drivers still find it difficult to make the same amount they made before the pandemic, even after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.
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Gojek rolls out cancellation fee and option for multiple drop-off points
17 Jul 2020
Passengers using the ride-hailing Gojek app will now get to choose up to three drop-off points per booking, while a cancellation fee has also been introduced.
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Gojek job cuts to have minimal impact on Singapore team
24 Jun 2020
Indonesian start-up Gojek's job cuts amidst the pandemic are to be mostly contained within Indonesia, with minimal impact on its team in Singapore.
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Car rental demand plunges from COVID-19 impact
03 Jun 2020
The rental car population shrank by 1.4% in April, the second consecutive fall in two months, after recording near continuous growth for the past six years.
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Gojek announces measures to support drivers
02 May 2020
Ride-hailing firm Gojek will extend commission rebates and give out $50 grocery vouchers to more than 600 drivers following the circuit breaker extension.
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Rental discounts for Grab and Gojek drivers
07 Apr 2020
Private-hire drivers offering their services through the Grab and Gojek platforms will be getting partial rental waivers over the next four weeks.
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Gojek to introduce $0.70 surcharge and additional drop-off point option
03 Mar 2020
Gojek will be introducing a $0.70 surcharge on trips booked through its platform, which the company says will fund improvements to its service.
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Zipster all-in-one transit app launches
17 Sep 2019
The new Zipster app brings all public transport operators on one platform, as well as major companies such as Grab, Gojek and BlueSG.
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ComfortDelGro taxis increase use of tech in the face of competition
10 Sep 2019
The firm has embarked upon a digital transformation in order to face increasing competition from private-hire firms.
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Young private-hire drivers not in favour of minimum age limit
22 Aug 2019
Some young private-hire drivers interviewed say that driving it is a good source of income and can be a viable career.
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