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We compared the costs between an ICE car and its electric variant. Here are our findings!
26 Apr 2022
Are you still undecided on purchasing an Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) car or the EV variant? We help you calculate the cost and time savings and hopefully provide you with adequate information to ...
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SG Car Choice assures the best price and experience when you shop for your dream car with them
07 Apr 2022
Founded in 2016, SG Car Choice now has four showrooms and an in-house service centre to offer a wide selection of cars and reliable after-sales support.
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Caltex lets you use you loyalty points to offset your carbon emissions
29 Mar 2022
Customers at Caltex can now opt to put their loyalty points into projects that will offset a portion of their carbon emissions from burning fuel.
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OCBC Bank partners with Charge+ to launch the largest EV charging hub in Singapore's Central Business District
17 Mar 2022
With 10 Electric Vehicle charging points in OCBC Centre's carpark located at 65 Chulia Street, the CBD now sees the addition of a new, largest EV charging hub.
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Cycle & Carriage, Gogox, and Ikea Singapore launch emissions-free last-mile deliveries
08 Jul 2021
Its Maxus e Deliver 3 all-electric vans help to fulfil Ikea's last-mile parcel deliveries from Ikea's Alexandra store.
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EV charging locations in Singapore
09 Apr 2021
If you own an EV and worry about where to charge it, we sourced for a couple of public locations. Find out where they are, how they work and how much it costs.
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What do these hybrid and electric car indicator lights mean?
22 Mar 2021
So, you want to be part of the Green Plan 2030? Familiarise yourself with these dashboard indicator lights before jumping on the EV or hybrid car bandwagon.
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All about maintaining electric car batteries in Singapore
12 Mar 2021
Moving towards a greener future, electric cars will be commonplace, even in Singapore. Here are some tips on ensuring the lifespan of an electric car battery.
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12 hybrid cars you can buy in Singapore that will save your wallet
10 Sep 2019
Hybrid cars are known for their lower emissions as well as excellent fuel economy. However, not all of them are equal, here's the ones that you should buy.
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U-turn for Singapore car fleet after a decade of ageing
24 Jul 2018
The nation gears up for cleaner air as half of cars on the road now are below five years old, up from a quarter in 2014.
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Green-arrow turns: Move shows results
28 Apr 2018
Previous moves to remove discretionary right turns at accident-prone junctions have yielded results, with fewer accidents at those junctions.
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Greener rides on track
29 Dec 2016
2017 looks set to be a significant year for transport and the environment, with two new rail lines that may cut car usage, and stiffer emission standards.
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Hertz introduces 'Green Traveler Collection' in Singapore
10 Jan 2014
The Hertz Corporation, the largest general use car rental firm in the world, has just introduced the Green Traveler Collection in Singapore.
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Critics claim dealers are more likely to import pollutive, less efficient cars
17 Sep 2013
Industry experts claim using engine output to classify cars discourages green motoring and is a disadvantage to more efficient cars.
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A Swede taste of things
04 Apr 2013
Clas Olhag, Product Offer Manager Volvo Car Corporation, paints a picture of what we can expect from the Swedish marque.
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