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Video Review - Hyundai Venue 1.6 GLS 'S' (A)
19 Mar 2020
The Hyundai Venue compact crossover delivers plenty of style with en economical drivetrain and a comfortable ride.
Clarence Seow | 7,053 views | Hyundai Reviews
Car Review - Hyundai Venue 1.6 GLS 'S' (A)
27 Feb 2020
The Hyundai Venue is a crossover that sports an accomplished drivetrain and connectivity features that puts its rivals to shame.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 15,639 views | Hyundai Reviews
Hyundai launches the Venue at the Singapore Motor Show
14 Jan 2020
Modern styling and a bold design provide unique character and ignite a fresh alternative from Hyundai for the subcompact crossover segment.
Local News | 6,696 views | Hyundai News
Hyundai showcases new Venue and Palisade in Singapore
18 Jun 2019
Flown in from the New York International Auto Show 2019, the compact Venue crossover and the new 2020 flagship eight-seater Palisade are here in Singapore.
Hyundai announces Venue as name for new crossover
01 Apr 2019
The Hyundai Venue is the confirmed name for the company's next crossover, which symbolises a trendy, unique style.