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Porsche to bring in new features for the Taycan
21 Aug 2020
Porsche will be bringing in numerous new features for the Taycan in the upcoming model year changeover in October 2020.
Mercedes-Benz S-Class receives new innovations
05 Aug 2020
The new Mercedes-Benz S-Class receives new innovations, such as rear-axle steering and frontal airbags for rear occupants.
Audi ranks first in terms of patents for electric drives
18 Jul 2020
Audi ranks number one in terms of patents for electric drives, leading in patent applications filed for electric drives in Germany.
Porsche Taycan declared as most innovative car by scientists
16 Jul 2020
Scientists declare the Porsche Taycan to be the most innovative car in the world thanks to a total of 27 new developments.
Hyundai celebrates 30 years of innovations in eco-mobility
10 Jun 2020
Hyundai celebrates 30 years at the forefront of the innovation and development of environmentally-friendly vehicles.
Skoda develops clever foldaway scooter for the Kamiq and Scala
22 May 2020
Skoda develops a clever foldaway scooter designed to fit into the spare wheel well without compromising luggage space.
McLaren showcases its luxury innovations with the Verdant Theme GT
03 Mar 2020
McLaren Automotive has released information of the Verdant Theme GT by MSO, showcasing the luxury innovations available from McLaren Special Operations.
Volkswagen to unveil its innovations via livestream
02 Mar 2020
Volkswagen will showcase its automotive innovations in an online stream following the cancellation of the Geneva Motor Show.
Continental wins 2019 AutomotiveINNOVATIONS award for intelligent door system
15 Jul 2019
Smart autonomous door features anti-pinch protection, an intelligent door brake system, and obstacle detection to improve safety.
Audi receives Automotive Innovations Award for most innovative brand
12 May 2017
Audi's versatility and innovation have earned it the Automotive Innovations Award in the premium manufacturer category for the second year running.
GKN Driveline to showcase innovations at Auto Shanghai 2017 in China
13 Apr 2017
GKN will be heading to Auto Shanghai 2017, in China, to showcase its range of advanced vehicle systems and driveline technologies.
New model year Porsche with comprehensive innovations for all model lines
30 Mar 2017
Porsche is launching an expanded range of extras for all its model lines, including new colour variants and a kit to increase power for 911 S model variants.
Audi 'eROT' suspension converts bumps into electricity
15 Aug 2016
Audi is moving forward with plans to develop an innovative suspension system that generates electricity from kinetic energy.
Instant response concept gives NSX a driver-focused experience
12 Jun 2016
An 'instant response' concept makes the Honda NSX driver-focused, with advanced power unit technologies that deliver instant response performance.
Ford announces new collaboration to develop innovations in carbon fibre
15 Feb 2015
Ford has announced a significant new collaboration to develop manufacturing innovations in automotive-grade carbon fibre.