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9 ways to lower your car insurance premiums
29 Jul 2020
We've got tips to help you get the cheapest car insurance premiums in Singapore. Learn more about NCD, DIPS, COM and how opting for higher excess can help you save money!
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Quotigo offers trusted service and affordable insurance premiums
02 Jun 2017
Local insurance agency Quotigo is a smart choice for car owners looking for affordable premiums, quality service and assurance.
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How to get the lowest car insurance premium quotes
24 May 2017
Is your car insurance premium getting more and more expensive? Worry not, here's how you can get the cheapest, most reliable quotes from multiple top insurers!
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Score in test to save on vehicle insurance premium
04 May 2017
Drivers can save up to 15 percent on vehicle insurance premiums if they score as 'low risk' in an online assessment form.
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Speedo Motoring - Offering you a complete automotive solution
17 May 2016
Speedo Motoring is a one-stop automotive solutions centre where customers can shop for their next prized ride with assurance and confidence.
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Up to 20 percent drop in car insurance premiums
25 Mar 2015
Motorists should rejoice as car insurance premiums are falling due to intensifying competition after 2014 underwriting profit more than doubled.
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TransCab pulls brakes on IPO over insurance premiums
18 Nov 2014
TransCab has called off its Initial Public Offering (IPO) after information surfaced about outstanding insurance premiums.
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State Courts launch 148-page Motor Accident Guide
24 Apr 2014
A 148-page guide book launched by the State Courts yesterday could aid in keeping a lid on claims arising from motor accidents.
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Motorists rejoice as insurance premiums are set to remain stable
19 Mar 2014
Motorists can look forward to stable insurance premiums or even a drop as motor insurers reported a profit last year.
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Insurance premiums drop for exotic cars
19 Jun 2013
Experts in the insurance field say intensifying competition in the supercar segment may cause premiums to fall, and owners to benefit from it.
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Motor insurance premiums stay stagnant thanks to increasing competition
22 May 2013
Motor insurance premiums are either constant or have dipped slightly amid increasing competition for a slice of the market share.
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In-car camera could lower motor insurance premium
16 May 2013
The Traffic Police and GIA have formed a work group to look into measures to promote safe driving habits, such as introducing motor premium rebates.
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Third party insurance premiums are a major problem for private car rentals
03 Apr 2013
The Government is studying ways to loosen the private car rental market, yet the key issue here seems to be motor insurance - The Straits Times reports.
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Vehicle insurers post an underwriting profit of $50.4 million for 2012
14 Mar 2013
The Straits Time reports motor insurance premiums are expected to remain at current rates as the segment announced high profits yesterday.
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Volvo City Safety cuts insurance premiums
10 Nov 2008
Volvo Cars have attracted considerable attention with its new safety function where the car brakes automatically - the Volvo City Safety.