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Drivers, don't leave home without these six essential items for your car
12 Aug 2021
Drivers should fully enjoy the convenience of driving. Hence, here are 6 essential items to get you out of a fix and ensure a pleasant driving experience.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by 70mai, Roidmi | 10,138 views | Car Ownership Advice
NOCO offers quality, affordable battery jump starters
01 Aug 2021
NOCO Boost jump starters hold a significantly greater capacity than its lead-acid battery counterparts, for three times as long.
Have a dead battery? Here's how to jump start your car
09 Jun 2021
You don't always have to call for a tow truck just because of a dead battery. Here's a step by step guide to jump start your car.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Ben Ang, Unsplash stock images - Daniel | 8,630 views | Car Ownership Advice
Tyre or battery issues during the circuit breaker period? Read here then...
07 Apr 2020
If you're stranded due to a flat battery or a puncture during the 'circuit breaker' period, don't fret. Here's a list of roadside emergency services available.
Idris Talib, Photos by Motor Directory Team | 35,458 views | Car Ownership Advice
Towing & roadside assistance on duty during CNY with no extra charges
22 Jan 2020
Finding help when your car breaks down during CNY can prove to be a challenge. Fret not, here's some roadside assistance providers that operate during CNY!
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Autopia launches the new Force Zero jump starter
18 Dec 2019
The Force Zero battery management system assists in maintaining your car's battery, and also serves as a convenient jump starter.
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Eight life hacks to make your road trips up north more epic
30 Nov 2017
Leave the rat race behind and drive off into the sunset with these eight life hacks that will make your next road trip up North that much more epic.
Anthony Lim, Photos by Anthony Lim and Low Fai Ming | 68,640 views | Miscellaneous Advice
10 must-haves in your car
31 May 2016
Because we spend so much time in our cars, here are 10 items you must have in your car, which make life more convenient.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 146,422 views | Car Ownership Advice
Maka GPS Technologies returns to the IT SHOW 2016 with a wide range of products
09 Mar 2016
Maka GPS Technologies will be showcasing its range of products at the IT SHOW 2016 happening at the Suntec Convention Centre from 10th March to 13th March.
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Maka Technologies Group launches new products at PC Show 2015
03 Jun 2015
To broaden the marketing channel at PC SHOW 2015, the company will be showcasing the Marbella/Curve/MaxPower products at two venues in Singapore Expo.
Marbella returns to the IT SHOW 2015 with a wide range of products
18 Mar 2015
Marbella will be showcasing its range of products at the IT SHOW 2015 happening at the Suntec Convention Centre from 19th March to 22nd March.
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