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Video Review - SEAT Leon Sportstourer Mild Hybrid 1.5 TSI DSG FR (A)
09 Sep 2022
It may not be as imposing as an SUV, but this Seat Leon SP will still deliver on practicality with its spacious boot and quiet cabin.
Clarence Seow | 4,303 views | SEAT Reviews
Can't find these high-performance models? Check out these alternatives
05 Aug 2022
If you're having a hard time finding these used cars that petrolheads like, perhaps it's time to consider these alternative options instead.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 9,996 views | Car Buying Advice
Upgrade to an estate: Stationwagons to consider
15 Jul 2022
Estates, also known as stationwagons, are a great alternative to SUVs. Here's a list of models we'd consider for various budgets.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team and Manufacturers | 9,384 views | Car Buying Advice
Car Review - SEAT Leon Sportstourer Mild Hybrid 1.5 TSI DSG FR (A)
05 Jul 2022
Handsome and well-behaved, while undercutting nearly every other wagon in our market today price-wise, the Seat Leon Sportstourer's only true rival is its shorter twin. In our books, it's a draw; in e...
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 4,025 views | SEAT Reviews
Car Review - SEAT Leon Mild Hybrid 1.5 TSI DSG FR (A)
10 Jun 2022
While it doesn't quite have the same wow factor as its rivals, the Seat Leon is a good-looking hatchback that features all the latest tech and specs at a more affordable price - that's something buyer...
Julian Kho, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 7,921 views | SEAT Reviews
Car Review - Cupra Leon Sportstourer 2.0 TSI DSG (A)
09 Jul 2021
The Cupra Leon Sportstourer is perfect for those looking for a well-rounded performance vehicle that is just a little more special than most.
Clarence Seow | 10,601 views | CUPRA Reviews
Cars that are great for both the track and your daily drive
16 May 2020
Looking for alternative options to your favourite track cars that do not compromise on comfort or practicality? We draw up a handy list!
Clarence Seow, Photos by Editorial Team, BMW | 20,711 views | Car Buying Advice
Seat celebrates 70 years of mobility
10 May 2020
Founded on 9 May 1950, Seat is celebrating 70 years of democratising mobility in their home country, Spain, and beyond.
Cupra unveils the e-Racer and Leon Competicion
28 Feb 2020
Cupra premieres an all electric touring race car, the Cupra e-Racer, as well as the Cupra Leon Competicion, based on the new Cupra Leon.
The first Leon to carry the Cupra badge has been launched
24 Feb 2020
Offered with a wide range of powerful engines, the Cupra Leon delivers power with a dynamic design and a high level of connectivity.
The Editorial Team celebrates the best cars of 2017
28 Dec 2017
As yet another year comes to an end, the sgCarMart Editorial Team celebrates 10 of the most memorable cars, which made our 2017.
Editorial Team | 15,465 views | Features
Seat displays the Leon Cristobal at the Smart City Expo
15 Nov 2017
Seat displays the Leon Cristobal at the Smart City Expo, the safest car in its history equipped with six advanced safety features to reduce risks and accidents.
Facelift - Seat Leon ST 1.0 TSI Ecomotive Special Edition (A)
19 Jul 2017
It may pack a smaller engine than before, but the Seat Leon ST proves that you can make meaningful downsizing progress without compromise.
Desmond Chan | 27,723 views | SEAT Reviews

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors

Seat sponsors Superbike World Championship - Leon Cupra to be safety car
18 Feb 2017
Seat has signed an agreement with Dorna to be the official sponsor for the Superbike World Championship, with the Leon Cupra to become the official safety car.
The ceremonious opening of the Seat Centre Singapore
17 Oct 2016
Saturday marked the opening of the Seat Centre Singapore, as the Spanish brand returns to our island state, having vanished for more than a decade.
Local News | 4,720 views | Seat News