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What's next for BYD in Singapore?
25 Nov 2022
The practical, comfortable e6 has proven its cargo and people-hauling might, while the fantastical Atto 3 is now in full sail. What else can we expect from BYD?
Mattheus Wee, Photos by BYD, Editorial Team | 5,226 views | Features
Car Review - BYD Atto 3 60.5kWh (A)
26 Jul 2022
Eccentric on the surface, but docile underneath, the all-electric Atto 3 marries better performance with great practicality, and serves as a promising taster of what's next for BYD.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Mattheus Wee | 8,096 views | BYD Reviews
Car Review - BYD M3e Electric 50.3kWh (A)
17 Nov 2020
The BYD M3e is the most affordable passenger electric MPV that you can buy in Singapore today.
Idris Talib | 12,791 views | BYD Reviews