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Forget the NSHW, East Coast Malaysia is where driving fun lies
29 Jun 2022
The endless expressways aren't all that Malaysia has to offer drivers, as I've recently found out. There are fun twisty roads to explore as well!
Goh Zhi Xuan in Kuantan, Malaysia, Photos by Skoda, Jayjay Lin | 8,924 views | Features
JRD wheels now available from Pitstop Tyres with 10% off special launch discount
30 May 2022
Pitstop Tyres has announced that it is now the exclusive distributor for JRD Wheels in Singapore, and is offering a 10% discount on the Malaysian-made rims!
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Don't get us wrong - we love the Audi e-tron S Sportback... but the e-tron GT is just too complete
23 May 2022
Against the compelling, multi-dimensional e-tron S Sportback, it is still the sublime all-roundedness of the e-tron GT that firmly pulls at one's heartstrings.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Audi Singapore | 2,027 views | Features
One charge up North (or down South)? Not quite, but with a bit of planning, Audi's e-tron family shows that's not too big of an issue
19 May 2022
Effortless to drive, and of course, surprisingly easy to recharge - the Audi e-tron family impresses us on our first post-pandemic road trip from KL.
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Audi Singapore | 3,818 views | Features
Border crossing with an electric vehicle: Yay or nay?
25 Apr 2022
Just how feasible is it to do a long drive into Malaysia with an electric vehicle? Jason finds out on his first trip back home in over two years.
Jason Chew | 4,920 views | Features
Public bus and taxi services to Johor to start come May 2022
23 Apr 2022
Public bus services 160, 170, 170X, 950, as well as TS1, TS3, TS6 and TS8 are all standing ready to send you to Johor come May 2022!
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A tale of two fuel policies: Our obsession with Malaysia's RON95, and why Singapore's pumps will never go as low
20 Apr 2022
As the land border reopens, so too has the stark difference in petrol prices between Singapore and Malaysia recaptured our attention in full. Why the disparity?
Mattheus Wee, Photos by Car Industry Analysis, Fuel Kaki, Low Fai Ming, Unsplash | 24,320 views | Features
This new local EV charging app can be used in Malaysia too
19 Apr 2022
Launched by one of Singapore's leading energy providers, Go by City Energy is making a grand entrance with a wide, border-transcending network of chargers.
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The road to recovery: A memorable electric road trip back into Malaysia
15 Apr 2022
Heading back into Malaysia after a long two year hiatus? Jason Chew from Pitcrew Events catalogs his journey and some key pointers to take note of.
Jason Chew | 4,281 views | Features
ICA puts more automation in place to handle border traffic, but don't expect a congestion-free crossing
31 Mar 2022
The ICA has put in place measures to ease the expected traffic at the border tomorrow, but you should expect to see some congestion.
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Porsche and Sime Darby inaugurate Malaysian assembly facility
31 Mar 2022
Porsche and Sime Darby have inaugurated a new Malaysian assembly facility with the launch of the first Malaysian-assembled Porsche Cayenne.
Land crossings to Malaysia to open up to all fully vaccinated travellers on 1 April
24 Mar 2022
After nearly two years of restricted crossings between the two countries, land travel between Singapore and Malaysia will finally resume fully come April.
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First Shell High-Performance charging station of cross-border network opens in Malaysia
13 Jan 2022
Shell has opened the first of the six High-Performance charging stations of its cross-border EV charging network in Malaysia.
Land VTL to Malaysia to open come 29 November
24 Nov 2021
Only those that are citizens, permanent residents or long-term pass holders of the country that they are entering can utilise the VTL for now however.
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Trial run for Land VTL with Malaysia conducted at Causeway
24 Nov 2021
The Singapore Ministry of Trade and Industry is working with its Malaysian counterpart on the final details of the Land Vaccinated Travel Lane.
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