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Directasia Insurance teams up with Shell to offer motorists exclusive perks
06 Aug 2017
Directasia Insurance has announced a partnership with Shell Singapore to reward new and existing Directasia and Shell customers with exclusive perks.
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Quotigo offers trusted service and affordable insurance premiums
02 Jun 2017
Local insurance agency Quotigo is a smart choice for car owners looking for affordable premiums, quality service and assurance.
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Autoshield - Your one-stop motor insurance provider
20 Apr 2017
If you are searching for private, private-hire or commercial vehicle insurance, Autoshield Pte Ltd promises the best rates and services in town.
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Motor accident claims now more likely to be settled out of court
23 Feb 2017
Motorists in Singapore who get into accidents are now much more likely to negotiate and settle claims out of court than take their grievance before a judge.
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Vauxhall set for largest ever presence at NEC Classic Motor Show
18 Oct 2016
Vauxhall Motors' Heritage Centre is preparing for its largest ever display at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC from 11th to 13th November.
Meguiar's Club Showcase gathers Britain's best for final face-off
14 Oct 2016
16 classic cars have been nominated by classic car clubs in the U.K. to face off in the Meguiar's Club Showcase at the Lancaster Insurance Class Motor Show.
Speedo Motoring - Offering you a complete automotive solution
17 May 2016
Speedo Motoring is a one-stop automotive solutions centre where customers can shop for their next prized ride with assurance and confidence.
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Up to 20 percent drop in car insurance premiums
25 Mar 2015
Motorists should rejoice as car insurance premiums are falling due to intensifying competition after 2014 underwriting profit more than doubled.
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Number of motor accident claims filed last year falls to a seven-year low
20 Mar 2015
Motorists in Singapore may have become safer on the road as the number of motor accident claims filed last year fell to a seven-year low.
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Man jailed three months for taking part in insurance scam
30 Jan 2015
An unemployed man, who took part in a scam to cheat a motor insurance company, was sentenced to three months in jail on Thursday.
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19 people charged for scamming insurance companies
06 Dec 2014
Nineteen people were charged in a district court on Friday with conspiracy to cheat insurance companies in a motor insurance scam.
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More motorcyclists install in-car cameras on their bikes
27 Nov 2014
In recent months, more motorbike owners are turning to in-car cameras, installing an electronic eye on their bikes or helmets to record their trips.
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Motorist told to pay up for failing to inform insurer about composition fine
23 Aug 2014
A motorist was told to pay up a sum of more than $54,000 to her insurer for not informing about a composition fine for hitting a pedestrian.
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Car owner devised to cheat insurance firm of $3,000 jailed 18 weeks
09 Aug 2014
A Work Safety and Health Officer was sentenced to 18 weeks' in jail for allowing his car to be used in a fake car accident.
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Police employee accused of cheating in motor insurance scam
30 May 2014
An employee of the Singapore Police Force has been charged over a motor insurance scam involving a staged accident.
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