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TEL Phase 3 to open come 13 November 2022
07 Oct 2022
The LTA has announced that a total of 11 MRT stations will open for passengers service along TEL Phase 3 come 13 November 2022.
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Thomson-East Coast Line phase 3 scheduled to open by late 2022
18 Aug 2022
The Land Transport Authority has handed over the stations of phase 3 of the Thomson-East Coast Line to SMRT to begin preparations for commuter service.
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McLaren honours Queen Elizabeth II with one-off paint finish and badging
12 May 2022
McLaren has revealed a bespoke Jubilee platinum paint finish to celebrate the 18 years since Queen Elizabeth II opened the McLaren Technology Centre.
McLaren MSO lab reveals new details of its Genesis Collection NFT drop
08 May 2022
The McLaren P1 and P1 GTR will be the first cars made into NFTs as part of the first launch from its MSO Lab digital community.
McLaren launches MSO Lab digital community
29 Apr 2022
The MSO Lab digital community is said to channel the pioneering spirit of MSO into the digital world, free from the constraints of physics.
Five minute peak-period train interval for new section of Thomson-East Coast line
27 Aug 2021
A friendly reminder for all those heading out tomorrow: There are new MRT stations to take the train from if you're in the North!
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More MRT stations to open for our Northern residents come 28 August 2021
30 Jun 2021
Transport Minister S. Iswaran has announced that the second stage of the Thomson-East Coast MRT Line will start running on 28 August 2021.
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McLaren Elva in Gulf Livery by MSO makes debut in Singapore
06 May 2021
McLaren Singapore today premieres the McLaren Elva in Gulf Livery by MSO, a celebration of the renewed relationship between McLaren and the Gulf Oil brand.
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McLaren Beverly Hills delivers the first McLaren Sabre, a bespoke hypercar
25 Dec 2020
The Sabre is the latest limited edition bespoke creation to come out of McLaren Special Operations as a showcase of the brand's abilities.
Stage 2 of Thomson-East Coast line delayed by six months until Q3 2021
15 Dec 2020
Stage 2 of the Thomson-East Coast Line, which was scheduled to start operations in Q1 2021, has been delayed until Q3 2021 for further testing.
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Signalling fault grounds Thomson-East Coast Line train services
04 Dec 2020
The Thomson-East Coast line suffered a signalling fault on the morning of Friday, 4 December 2020, with no services available on the entire line.
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Global debut for the McLaren Elva Gulf Theme by MSO at Goodwood Speedweek
17 Oct 2020
McLaren Automotive premieres the McLaren Elva Gulf Theme by MSO, a celebration of the renewed relationship between McLaren and the Gulf Oil brand
Novena junction to be reconfigured for expressway works
05 Oct 2020
A major traffic junction in Novena will be reconfigured from 17 October 2020 to make way for the construction of expressway tunnels.
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Shortened hours on TEL extended until 1 November
24 Aug 2020
Rail operator SMRT is extending the shorter operating hours of the Thomson-East Coast Line to 1 November to facilitate the testing of trains and systems.
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Jaguar Classic celebrates 60 years of E-type with anniversary tribute edition
13 Aug 2020
Jaguar Classic will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the iconic E-type with six limited-edition matched pairs of restored E-types.