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Bentley Mulliner reports continued demand for personalistion
15 May 2022
Bentley reports that requests for personalisation and bespoke content via its bespoke division Mulliner have risen by 200% since 2020
Bentley introduces the new GT Mulliner Blackline
02 Dec 2021
Darkened exterior brightwork and painted black 22-inch rims make the GT Mulliner Blackline perfect for those with a more subtle taste.
Bentley Flying Spur family gets double debut at Guangzhou, China
24 Nov 2021
The two latest additions to the Flying Spur family, the Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner and the Bentley Flying Spur Hybrid, have made their debut at Guangzhou.
Bentley revives classic paint options in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its design department
05 Oct 2021
Bentley Mulliner has searched through the firm's records to revive 15 classic colour options in celebration of the 70th anniversary of its design department.
Bentley completes first hand-finished Bacalar and Blower customer cars
20 Aug 2021
Bentley Mulliner has completed the first customer cars in both of its new series of pinnacle, handcrafted, bespoke projects.
Bentley reveals its ultimate four door Grand Touring solution - The Flying Spur Mulliner
14 Aug 2021
Combining the very finest in craftsmanship and luxury is Bentley's solution for the ultimate four door Grand Tourer: The Flying Spur Mulliner.
New Bentley Mulliner Collections model to be launched at Monterey Car Week
08 Aug 2021
Bentley is set to return to Monterey with a new Mulliner model launch, plus public debuts of Blower Continuation Series and Bentley Mulliner Bacalar projects.
Fancy a coachbuilt and stretched Bentley Mulsanne? Here's your chance
05 Aug 2021
With production of the Mulsanne having ceased last year, the five models represent a rare chance for customers to get their hands on a piece of Bentley history.
Bentley Mulliner marks 1,000th commission
13 Jul 2021
The Bentley Mulliner bespoke design team is celebrating the 1,000th commission since its first inception seven years ago.
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Bentley introduces the new Flying Spur Hybrid
10 Jul 2021
The Flying Spur Hybrid is the most environmentally friendly Bentley to date, proving that hybridisation does not compromise luxury nor performance.
A special Bentley Bentayga Hybrid in green
02 Apr 2021
A special commission by a Chinese customer, this Bentayga Hybrid has been inspired by the colour green and Chinese values like purity, hope and growth.
Bentley's new bespoke virtual configurator, the Mulliner Visualiser
28 Feb 2021
Bentley's new Mulliner Visualiser allows bespoke requests to be commissioned virtually, with specialists able to view the various features and options remotely.
Bentley sleighs the competition with 'The Reindeer Eight'
22 Dec 2020
Bentley reveals its Christmas surprise, a specially commissioned Flying Spur V8 for a world famous celebrity specifically for this yuletide season.
The first new Bentley Blower in 90 years
10 Dec 2020
Bentley Mulliner completes the first prototype for the Blower Continuation Series, with 'Car Zero' making its debut as the first new Blower since 1930.
Bentley introduces a new tweed interior option for its entire model range
01 Dec 2020
As part of its Beyond100 strategy, Bentley introduces tweed as an option for its interiors, in its move towards sustainable luxury.