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Volkswagen gets new Head of Design
31 Jan 2023
Andreas Mindt has worked on designs including the first generation Tiguan and seventh generation Golf, and will lead Volkswagen design from February 2023.
Bentley gets new Director of Design
25 Jan 2023
Bentley has announced that Tobias Suhlmann, with over 20 years of experience in automotive design, will take over as the firm's new Director of Design.
Chrysler to reveal new Chrysler Synthesis cockpit demonstrator at CES
06 Jan 2023
The Chrysler Synthesis cockpit demonstrator is said to marry the firm's sustainable interior design with advanced Stellantis technology.
Volkswagen gets new heads for its quality and design divisions
18 Dec 2022
Volkswagen has named Michael Neumayer as the new Head of Group Quality Managment, while Michael Mauer will be the Head of Group Design.
Michael Simcoe is GM's new Senior Vice President of Global Design
14 Dec 2022
Michael Simcoe, previously the Design Chief at General Motors, has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Global Design, with effect from 1 January 2023.
Volvo U.S.A gets a new Head of Design
23 Nov 2022
Nick Gronenthal is Volvo's new Head of Design, bringing his deep understanding of luxury automotive and sustainable design to Volvo Cars.
New design for Lamborghini's reed diffuser
30 Oct 2022
Lamborghini and Culti Milano have chosen Francesco Poroli to design its home fragrance, which features an array of bold and sharp lines.
Acura Precision Concept makes debut, previewing new design language
30 Aug 2022
The Acura Precision Concept aims to be a showcase of the brand's new design language in the era of electrification.
Who says the newest is always the greatest - here are five cars where their previous versions are favoured more than the current one
27 Jul 2022
The next shiny new product is more desirable in most cases, but with these five cars, many would prefer the predecessors they replaced instead.
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Aston Martin heralds new era with brand repositioning and newly designed logo
22 Jul 2022
Aston Martin reengineers itself, taking on a new identity and updating its iconic hand-enamelled wings, which will feature on its next generation supercars.
U.S.A Honda CR-V unveiled with new macho yet sophisticated design
13 Jul 2022
Honda has revealed a new CR-V SUV for the U.S.A with a rugged exterior and a more advanced and powerful drivetrain.
Mercedes-Maybach launches new Gorden Wagener-designed 'The Creator' sunglasses
06 Jun 2022
The new sunglasses are made from a combination of ultra-light titanium and sustainably sourced natural horn, and come in various appealing colour combinations.
Buick debuts revamped badge ahead of new electrification plans
05 Jun 2022
Buick first significant revision to its badge since 1990 sees its logo retaining the tri-shield but losing its circular surround.
Audi S6 and S7 get new Design Edition package
13 May 2022
The Design Edition package for the S6 and S7 finishes the cars with black accents and a black roof, along with 21-inch rims for more visual punch.
Genesis has revealed a stunning new Genesis X Speedium Coupe design concept
14 Apr 2022
A sleek, low, and rounded body pair with a stunning front light signature in the Genesis X Speedium Coupe design concept.