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For the adventurers: Jaguar I-PACE completes 'Everesting Challenge' on a single charge
07 Jun 2021
The Jaguar I-PACE completed the energy-intensive challenge with an astounding 31% battery charge remaining - enough to drive for up to 128km more.
Land Rover UK launches #Outspiration hunt to encourage people to reconnect with the great outdoors
03 Jun 2021
The software uses augmented reality to turn the United Kingdom into a real world map of inspiring, picturesque locations.
Water spots - how to prevent them from occurring
03 Oct 2020
Water spots can eventually ruin your car's paintwork if they remain on it for too long. Here's how you can prevent them from occurring.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 13,158 views | Car Maintenance Advice
Land Rover launches new teen off-road driving experience
01 Oct 2019
The Teen Drive Experience aims to help teenagers 14 years and older to build good driving habits and foster an appreciation for the outdoors.