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Top 5 Parallel Importers in Central Singapore
01 Jul 2019
There are many Parallel Importers here, if you are having a hard time deciding which to check out, no worries. Here are 5 top PIs located in the Central area.
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5 most established Parallel Importers in the East
28 Jun 2019
If you are located in the east area of Singapore, and shopping for a new car, we have just the thing for you! Here's five established PI located in your area.
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Trusted Parallel Importers in Singapore with 30 years (or more) of experience
13 Jun 2019
The best way to mitigate the risks involved with purchasing a Parallel Imported car is to turn to a reputable and established company. Here's a few of them.
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5 Singapore Parallel Importers that have the biggest variety of cars
08 May 2019
Parallel imported cars can be a lot cheaper than the ones offered at the Authorised Dealers. Hence they are a great choice if you are looking for lower prices.
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Parallel imports zoom ahead in car sales
14 May 2016
Non-authorised agents hold a 22 percent share of the market in the first quarter, with Honda, Toyota, Mercedes-Benz being hot sellers.
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Distributors express dissatisfaction over unfair competition
06 Jul 2015
Authorised distributors complain that parallel importers are competing unfairly due to factors such as the fixed evolution coefficient carbon emission values.
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Increase in parallel imports of cars in Q1
30 Apr 2014
The parallel imports of cars in the first quarter saw a surprise leap, with the facelifts of popular models among the factors for demand being revitalised.
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Lesser parallel imports of cars in 2013
29 Jan 2014
Parallel imports of cars fell 24.5 percent, but super luxury models chalk up strong numbers as buyers rush to beat new progressive taxes.
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Parallel importers selling new cars as used ones
03 Aug 2013
Parallel importers in Singapore are resorting to a ploy to trade their new cars as used cars, in a bid to avoid hefty taxes.
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Tan Chong goes into the Parallel Importer market
27 Dec 2010
The recent slump in car sales has forced some local distributors to supplement their car sales by taking a dip in the parallel importer market
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Tips for buying cars from parallel importers
25 Dec 2009
So you've decided to buy your dream ride from a parallel importer? How do you avoid being scammed while still reaping the huge cash savings? Read on to find out.
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