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CASE launches fuel price comparison website
14 Jan 2020
CASE launches Fuel Kaki, a retail fuel price comparison website, to facilitate comparison of effective prices of retail fuel.
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Petrol stations revert to former rates as crude oil prices ease
14 Jan 2020
With crude oil prices easing, retailers have reverted to the rates prior to the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani.
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Pump prices mostly up $0.03 in Singapore after killing of Iranian top general
07 Jan 2020
Most petrol pump prices here have risen by $0.03 a litre following the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani.
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Shell's V-Power at the price of FuelSave 98 for two weekends this month
17 Sep 2019
Shell will be launching its V-Power promotion for two weekends this month. Get your car filled with Shell V-Power at the price of Shell's FuelSave 98!
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Web portal, mobile application with petrol price comparison could be developed
20 Dec 2017
The Competition Commission of Singapore has proposed the development of a web portal and mobile application to allow consumers to compare petrol prices.
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Higher petrol prices and carpark fees lead to increased consumer prices
23 Jan 2017
Higher petrol prices and carpark fees have led to a 0.2 percent increase in Singapore consumer prices in December, compared to the previous year.
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Big for the price of small
21 Sep 2016
Ford introduces the all new KA+ five-door hatchback, which boasts a large interior, along with 24km/L fuel efficiency and fun-to-drive dynamics.
Wholesale fuel and petrol pump prices aligned: Study
24 Feb 2016
A study by the Competition Commission says statistics over a six-year period show that petrol pump prices have moved in tandem with wholesale fuel prices.
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70 percent of fuel cost passed to consumers
23 Feb 2016
In a study on fuel prices, the Competition Commission found that around 70 percent of the cost of fuel is passed on to consumers.
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Motorists still choose lower-grade petrol depite fall in pump prices
23 May 2015
Motorists are still using lower grade fuel despite a drop in pump prices in the past year as they see no real benefit in using a higher octane fuel.
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Petrol prices increase twice this month
22 May 2015
Petrol prices have increased twice this month, with motorists now having to fork out up to six cents more per litre for their petrol as crude oil rates go up.
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Case says Shell's price hike for petrol not acceptable
27 Feb 2015
Three petrol companies have answered to a Consumers Association of Singapore request to explain the price increase but Shell's reason was not accepted.
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CCS demands petrol companies to explain price increment
26 Feb 2015
Petrol companies have been ordered by the Competition Commission of Singapore to explain their latest price hikes after the increase in petrol duties.
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Experts say costlier petrol unlikely to change driving habits
25 Feb 2015
While petrol prices have risen following the Government's hike in duties, motorists are unlikely to give up their rides just yet, experts said.
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Pump prices back on the rise as three petrol companies make adjustments
06 Feb 2015
Petrol prices are creeping back up, after falling in January to rates last seen in 2009. Caltex, Shell and Esso have since revised their prices upwards.
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