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Petrol slips $0.06 a litre, diesel falls $0.11 per litre
19 Sep 2022
95-octane petrol in Singapore now retails at close to $2.82 following a slew of downward adjustments since 16 September 2022 across all retailers.
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Think petrol is expensive? These everyday items actually cost more per litre!
24 Aug 2022
Petrol is expensive and we all wish prices could be lower. But surprisingly, these seven everyday items actually cost way more than a litre of petrol!
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Petrol prices in Singapore slip following Esso's price drop
11 Aug 2022
Petrol retailers here in Singapore have dropped the prices of petrol and diesel following Esso's lead in dropping fuel prices on 10 August 2022.
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Pump prices in Singapore on upward climb as worldwide energy demand steadily swells
29 Oct 2021
Singapore's pump operators have taken turns over the last 3 weeks to increase their prices, with speculation that 95-Octane could hit $3/litre by 2022.
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21% petrol discount at Sinopec's Woodlands station
22 May 2021
Sinopec is offering a 21% discount on all grades of petrol and diesel in celebration of the opening of its new Woodlands outlet.
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sgCarMart goes live with Jaguar
05 Mar 2021
From petrol vouchers to exclusive merchandise and prices on the E-PACE and XF, all on our latest Facebook Live event!
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Fuel duty to be raised with immediate effect
16 Feb 2021
The local petrol duty will be raised with immediate effect as part of the recently announced Budget 2021 adjustments.
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Pump prices return to pre-circuit breaker levels
08 Feb 2021
Petrol pump prices have gone up to what they were before the circuit breaker, hitting their highest in almost a year.
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Petrol stations: Does it matter which one you go to?
01 Dec 2020
Is there a big difference in which petrol station you choose to go to here in Singapore? We find out if they're the same.
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Pump prices creep up at all retailers except for SPC
07 Jul 2020
Pump prices have moved up in line with higher wholesale fuel prices as world economies reopen after the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns.
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Latest petrol prices in Singapore - Compare prices across all companies here
07 Jul 2020
Looking for the lowest petrol prices before heading to the pumps? We track the prices offered by the various petrol stations here!
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Esso, Shell reduce prices after SPC resists price rise
29 May 2020
Esso's and Shell's 95-octane petrol is now retailing at $1.99 a litre, while other players are expected to match Shell's and ExxonMobil's reductions.
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SPC resists raising petrol pump price
27 May 2020
Singapore Petroleum Co has kept its pump prices unchanged since 6 May 2020, bucking the price rises from all rival retailers.
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Pump prices for petrol begin to creep upward
19 May 2020
95-octane grade petrol at Esso and Shell stations is now $2.02 a litre, while 98-octane petrol is retailing at $2.39 and $2.41 respectively.
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Petrol falls below $2 a litre
12 May 2020
Pump prices have fallen for the second time in two weeks, taking a litre of petrol to below $2 for the first time in several years.
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