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Petrol stations revert to former rates as crude oil prices ease
14 Jan 2020
With crude oil prices easing, retailers have reverted to the rates prior to the assassination of Iranian military leader Qassem Soleimani.
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Caltex Jurong Spring wins BCA Green Mark Platinum certification
14 Jan 2020
Chevron Singapore has launched the industry's first petrol station to be awarded a BCA Green Mark Platinum (Super Low Energy) certificate.
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Shell launches Shell Recharge with electric vehicle charger at service stations
20 Aug 2019
Shell Recharge marks the firm's first foray into electric vehicle charging in Singapore, with 10 stations expected to have charging facilities by October 2019.
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Spend at Shell to redeem a 1,220ml Luminarc air-tight glass container
07 Aug 2019
Make freshness a part of every trip with a Luminarc air-tight glass container as part of Shell's exclusive promotion for Shell escape cardmembers.
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First joint-branded workshop with Shell Autoserv and TYREPLUS opens in Singapore
18 Jul 2019
One of the world's largest automotive care specialists, TYREPLUS, has opened its second outlet in Singapore today in a joint partnership with Shell Autoserv.
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Why Shell is everyone's favourite petrol station
25 Apr 2019
There are many reasons why we all love Shell, and it's not only because of its strong association with supercar brand Ferrari.
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Sinopec gets ready to open its first Singapore fuel station in Yishun
10 Oct 2018
Sinopec, the second China firm to enter fuel retail market here, is set to open its first station this quarter in Yishun.
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Shell launches industry first loyalty card for motorcyclists
06 Jul 2018
The Shell Escape Riders Card marks the first-of-its-kind loyalty programme in Singapore that is catered exclusively for bikers to enjoy exclusive perks.
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Motorists still choose lower-grade petrol depite fall in pump prices
23 May 2015
Motorists are still using lower grade fuel despite a drop in pump prices in the past year as they see no real benefit in using a higher octane fuel.
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Shell launches 'Everyone is a Winner' islandwide promotion
12 May 2015
Shell Escape members who spend at least $60 on Shell fuels from 11th May to 2nd August will receive sure-win Peel & Win cards.
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Petrol prices dip with the drop in oil prices
18 Oct 2014
Following the drop in crude oil prices, pump prices and electricity tariffs have taken a dip over the past few weeks to reflect market conditions.
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Cars met with engine problems after refuelling at Shell's Seletar Hills station
09 Nov 2013
Oil company Shell found water in one of the fuel tanks at its Seletar Hills outlet, which might be the cause of engine problems encountered by patrons.
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Angry woman drives Jaguar into stranger
27 Jul 2013
In an argument, a woman drove her Jaguar into a man who accused her of scratching his car at a petrol station on East Coast Road.
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Special promotion for Shell V-Power for the Grand Prix
21 Sep 2012
In celebration of the Singapore Grand Prix this weekend, Shell Singapore will be having a special promotion for Shell V-Power.
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Shell brings the night race to consumers with pit stops across the island
18 Sep 2010
Enjoy Shell V-Power for all weekends this September at the price of Shell FuelSave 98!
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