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MOM to look into strengthening protections for delivery riders, PHV and taxi drivers
15 Sep 2021
Around 79,000 people worked with matching platform companies in 2020. An advisory committee by MOM will now look into strengthening protections for them.
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More taxpayer money to be spent on taxi and PHV drivers
23 Jul 2021
The LTA has announced another round of payouts for taxi and PHV drivers, even though the last one was issued as social distancing measures were being lifted.
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More money blown on taxi and PHV drivers, even as economy reopens
11 Jun 2021
Another $40 million of taxpayer money is about to be blown on taxi and PHV drivers, even as ridership is expected to rise as the economy reopens.
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Grab to charge higher fares come June, but there's no reason to complain just yet
25 May 2021
The ride-hailing platform states that the entirety of the fare hike will go towards raising the earnings of its driver-partners.
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More assistance in store for PHV and taxi drivers
21 May 2021
The Government will set aside an additional $27 million to provide an additional $10 per vehicle per day top-up through the COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund.
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Lumens Auto offers rental cars with great benefits for PHV drivers
03 Mar 2021
Lumens Auto is not your usual PHV rental company, it emphasises on its driver partners' wellbeing to create the best working environment for them.
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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Active Taxi and Private Hire Car Drivers starts today
23 Feb 2021
Starting today, active taxi and private hire car drivers will receive their COVID-19 vaccinations in order to protect frontline transport workers.
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Point-to-point regulatory framework to kick in by late October
01 Oct 2020
The LTA will soon implement a long-delayed regulatory framework designed to level the playing field between cabbies and private-hire drivers.
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Cabbies and PHV drivers turn to deliveries
18 Apr 2020
Some 700 cabbies across companies like ComfortDelGro, SMRT Taxis and TransCab have taken up doing food deliveries as income from fares fall.
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Rental discounts for Grab and Gojek drivers
07 Apr 2020
Private-hire drivers offering their services through the Grab and Gojek platforms will be getting partial rental waivers over the next four weeks.
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Private-hire drivers should be taxed with 'fairer approach', says NPHVA
20 Sep 2017
The National Private Hire Vehicles Association said in a statement yesterday that private-hire drivers should be taxed 'in a fair manner'.
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