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Which is the better choice, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay?
01 Apr 2019
You've heard of Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, both platforms integrate your smartphone to your car's infotainment system. Find out which is better.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team, Android, Apple, Pioneer | 9,167 views | Features
Pioneer launches its latest range of Z-Series multimedia receivers in Singapore
23 Feb 2019
Pioneer launched five new multimedia receivers, which feature the latest Android Auto and Apple CarPlay technology.
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Pioneer transforms the in-car experience with its flagship AVH-Z9150BT
06 Aug 2018
The Pioneer AVH-Z9150BT offers wireless mirroring for select Android phones along with a host of connectivity options made available.
Local News | 4,750 views | Other News
Pioneer A-Series multimedia receivers offer bang-for-buck infotainment
01 Mar 2018
The new Pioneer A-series AVH-A205BT and AVH-A105DVD offer modern connectivity options and crisp touchscreen displays without breaking the bank.
Nigel Yong | 14,527 views | Features
The new Pioneer DEH-S5050BT packs big features in a small package
21 Dec 2017
With the latest multimedia offerings and the ability to control them from your phone, the new Pioneer DEH-S5050BT packs big features inside a compact package.
Desmond Chan | 12,843 views | Features
Pioneer offers unparalleled value with its A-series car multimedia receivers
14 Dec 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre, a leader in aftermarket car audio, today announced the release of AVH-A205BT and AVH-A105DVD.
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Pioneer unveils four new Z-Series multimedia receivers for 2017 in Singapore
09 Jun 2017
Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre has unveiled four new Z-Series multimedia receivers for its 2017 lineup in Singapore.
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A safer and more entertaining drive with Pioneer's car receivers
23 Nov 2016
Pioneer has unveiled its most affordable car audio receivers for its 2017 lineup - multimedia powerhouses, which offer amazing entertainment value for drivers.
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Pioneer AVH-X5850BT - Go beyond the ordinary
31 Dec 2015
Pioneer's latest multimedia receiver is the most feature-packed to date, with key enhancements that go beyond the ordinary for an exceptional experience.
Text by Desmond Chan, Photos by Manufacturer | 16,600 views | Features
Pioneer redefines audio perfection in the car with new range of products
08 Oct 2015
Pioneer has launched its new range of in-car entertainments product that promise greater sound quality, connectivity and usability.
Local News | 6,698 views | Other News
Pioneer launches new CD receivers supporting third-party apps with ARC
03 Sep 2015
Pioneer is launching its new CD Receivers, which now support third-party multimedia applications with Pioneer Advanced Remote Control (ARC).
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Pioneer AVH-X8750BT - A more enjoyable commute
02 Jul 2015
Pioneer's latest multimedia receiver is the most feature-packed to date and will help to make car journeys less boring and more enjoyable for everyone on board.
Text by Regan Ong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 21,230 views | Features
The Great Pioneer Sale returns with more exciting offers
01 Jul 2015
Pioneer Electronics, a leading manufacturer of aftermarket car audio, launches the popular Great Pioneer Sale with greater discounts and freebies.
Local News | 3,634 views | Other News
Pioneer presents next gen I.C.E. experience to local motorists
04 Apr 2015
Pioneer has launched its flagship multimedia receiver, AVH-X8750BT, which is also the most feature-packed yet in Singapore.
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Pioneer AVH-X5750BT - For your entertainment
04 Dec 2014
The Pioneer AVH-X5750BT multimedia receiver offers unparalleled audio and visual entertainment as well as enhanced smartphone connectivity.
Text by Regan Ong, Photos by Manufacturer | 17,842 views | Features