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Polestar and CAKE strengthen brand partnership in Europe
13 May 2020
Polestar and CAKE, both young Swedish companies, are strengthening their brand partnership in Europe since collaboration began in 2019.
Polestar's U.K. R&D team celebrates its first anniversary
04 May 2020
Polestar U.K. celebrates the first anniversary of its Research and Development team, first formed in May 2019.
Polestar 2 to match performance with high safety
02 May 2020
Polestar 2 will match electric performance with high levels of safety as safety is of paramount for the Volvo subsidiary.
New video from Polestar outlines details of the Precept concept
09 Apr 2020
A new video walkthough of the Precept concept car released by Polestar reveals more details of the electric vehicle.
Polestar 2 officially begins production in China
25 Mar 2020
Production of the Polestar 2 has officially begun in Luqiao, China, despite facing enormous upheaval in the face of COVID-19 pandemic.
Polestar unveils the Precept Concept
27 Feb 2020
With a sustainable interior and a new digital user interface, the Polestar Precept is a vision of the brand's future direction.
Polestar showcases the future of the Human Machine Interface
19 Feb 2020
The Polestar 2 is set to be the first vehicle on the market powered by Android with the Google Assistant when it is unveiled.
Polestar develops new sustainable solutions to car interiors
13 Feb 2020
Innovative materials from Polestar reduce plastic content, cut weight and could improve crash behaviour for interior panels.
Polestar 2 to offer class-leading towing capacity
21 Dec 2019
A class-leading 1,500kg braked towing capacity means the Polestar 2 will be able to integrate seamlessly into any modern lifestyle.
Tooling trial production of Polestar 2 on schedule at Luqiao plant
03 Dec 2019
Polestar 2 tooling trial prototype series start on schedule at the Chinese Luqiao factory before customer deliveries in 2020.
First European Polestar space opens in Oslo
25 Oct 2019
The Oslo Space demonstrates the brand's new retail concept, combining minimalist design with seamless digital interactivity.
Chassis development for the Polestar 2 reaches the final stages
17 Oct 2019
Chassis development for the Polestar 2 is in its final stages as the new electric performance fastback is being readied for production in early 2020.
Performance Pack announced for the electric Polestar 2
10 Oct 2019
The performance pack delivers chassis improvements that raises the electric fastback's performance credentials and driver engagement.
Polestar opens new manufacturing facility in China
29 Aug 2019
Set to produce the new Polestar 1, the firm's new manufacturing facility is key milestone for the future growth of the company.
Polestar confirms battery suppliers for its electric performance cars
16 May 2019
Polestar has officially confirmed the battery suppliers for its electric performance cars, as part of multi-billion dollar agreements signed by Volvo Car Group.