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Future police vehicles in the U.S.A could soon look like this
20 Sep 2021
The pilot vehicle, based on the Mustang Mach-E SUV, is currently being accessed by the Michigan State Police, but could soon be rolled out across the U.S.A.
At least 87 reports of car rental scams made in 2018
31 Jan 2019
According to the police, at least 87 reports of car rental scams were made in 2018 costing victims more than $30,000.
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Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross joins police fleet
03 Dec 2018
The Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross - the carmaker's latest SUV - joins the Italian State police force and will be used for special tasks.
Police to push for forfeiture of cars used in illegal races
18 Nov 2017
A Lamborghini Murcielago SV and Nissan GT-R, which were involved in a race at Seletar Link in 2015, have been confiscated and will soon be auctioned off.
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Traffic police officer dies in accident at Serangoon Road
01 Jun 2017
A traffic police officer died after being involved in a traffic accident at Serangoon Road, while he was performing traffic patrol duties.
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Police car in accident involving six other vehicles
10 Mar 2017
Three cars, and three motorbikes were damaged in Jurong East carpark with the driver of the police vehicle left slightly injured.
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Swedish police first to use Volvo V90 estate as a police car
02 Dec 2016
The all new Volvo V90 has achieved the highest rating ever in the Swedish police's highly demanding driving test and will be used as the country's police car.
Police reports lodged against parallel importer
04 Oct 2016
At least seven customers have paid $493,470 to parallel importer Exodus Global since October last year, according to reports seen by The Straits Times.
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Man in Geylang 'car chase' was arrested yesterday for dangerous driving
28 Jun 2016
A 28-year old man has been arrested in connection with a collision involving a Traffic Police patrol vehicle, after a car chase near Geylang Serai.
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Police probing hit-and-run incident on AYE
18 Jun 2016
A car was filmed deliberately knocking down motorcyclist on AYE, and the police are probing the hit-and-run incident.
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Nissan 370Z NISMO patrol cars for the Tokyo Police Department
29 May 2016
Nissan has delivered three 370Z NISMO patrol cars to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, and are expected to support traffic safety activities.
Seven injured in multi-vehicle accident following police chase
11 Apr 2016
A chase involving an errant driver and a police car resulted in a serious accident on Sunday morning, leaving seven injured.
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Car accidents with Malaysian vehicles are an insurance claim nightmare
09 Jun 2015
Car Insurance Claims against foreign vehicles is a logistical nightmare. From police reports, claim documentation and contacting the General Insurance Association of Singapore, get ready to be inconve...
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Residents volunteer to use in-vehicle cameras for crime lookout
18 May 2015
There will be more 'eyes' on the lookout for crime in residential estates as people with in-vehicle cameras come together to improve neighbourhood safety.
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Dubai Police Department's new car is a BMW i8
14 Mar 2015
It's time for the Dubai Police Department to expand its fleet of exotic cars, this time with the plug-in hybrid BMW i8.