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MINI U.S.A sends life-sized puzzles to customers awaiting delivery of their cars
27 Jun 2022
The 'Not so MINI' life-sized puzzles are designed to keep customers in the U.S.A excited as they await delivery of their vehicles.
Lamborghini launches 3D jigsaw Huracan EVO
17 Sep 2020
A new 3D puzzle allows Lamborghini enthusiasts to faithfully recreate the Huracan EVO V10 car in a 1:18 scale through 108 numbered plastic pieces.
A Porsche 911 R in puzzle pieces
21 Sep 2018
The engineers from toy manufacturer Ravensburger have collaborated with Porsche to develop a 3D puzzle of the 911 R.
Shell Singapore's latest collectible series - Shell V-Power Vroom Puzzle kits
12 Oct 2016
Assemble a Lamborghini Veneno or an Audi R8 V10 with the latest Shell V-Power Vroom Puzzle collectibles available with every $60 purchase of Shell petrol.
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The Mystery Car in the BMW Museum - an unusual puzzle in 3D.
20 Mar 2012
From now to 30 April 2012, the BMW Museum will be showcasing a rather unusual exhibit - a 3D puzzle created by legendary puzzle writer CUS.