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Fuel economy hacks that will benefit newbie and seasoned drivers
06 Oct 2022
Fuel economy is top of mind for most, if not all drivers. Here are some sure-fire ways to help you lower your fuel consumption and running costs.
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Seat opens new battery research and development centre
20 Dec 2021
Situated in Seat's Martorell site, the centre has different spaces for the validation of battery modules with the most advanced cell chemistry technology.
Volvo and battery manufacturer Northvolt deeppen collaboration
13 Dec 2021
A new research and development as well as a new battery plant are planned from the collaboration between the two firms.
Polestar opens new research site in the U.K.
20 Sep 2021
The new research site in the U.K.'s MIRA technology park will open Polestar to a pool of world-renowned automotive engineering talent.
NTU and Hyundai announce joint series of research projects
03 Sep 2021
With the research collaboration betweeen NTU and Hyundai Motor Group, Singapore takes another step towards its EV manufacturing dream.
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Nissan uses neuroscience to enhance driving performance
17 Jul 2021
Outside of motorsport, the information gained could play a pivotal role in shaping the development of future autonomous driving aids.
Audi launches feasibility study to explore use of peatland ecosystems as long-term carbon stores
25 May 2021
Audi will be joining forces with the European Union to fund a study researching the capacity of peatland to offset emissions.
Buying a car - what to look out for during your test drive
23 Apr 2021
Test drives are essential when you buy a car. While it may seem fun, you should always fully utilise the process before making that downpayment.
Goh Zhi Xuan, Photos by Editorial Team | 18,877 views | Car Buying Advice
Goodyear and TNO to demonstrate an intelligent brake system
17 Mar 2021
Goodyear Tyres and Dutch research organisation TNO are collaborating to show how Goodyear's intelligent tyres perform with anti-lock braking systems.
Bentley to research on sustainable and recyclable electric motors
20 Feb 2021
Bentley is starting a three-year research project that aims to develop rare earth magnet recycling, so as to provide a sustainable source of rare earth magnets.
JLR to utilise lightweight composites in future electric vehicles
27 Jan 2021
Advanced lightweight composite research will allow Jaguar Land Rover to offer increased performance from its future electric vehicles.
The Volvo Cars Safety Centre, two decades in the service of saving lives
04 Dec 2020
As the Volvo Cars Safety Centre turns 20, it continues helping Volvo Cars engineers to push the envelope in safety and learn from real-life traffic accidents.
Volvo's Accident Research Team celebrates 50 years of research
02 Nov 2020
The Volvo Accident Research Team commemorates its 50th anniversary in 2020 and looks back at how their research has made cars safer for customers.
Seat tests car parts made out of rice husks
30 Oct 2020
Seat has started a pilot test to produce parts out of rice husks, with the prototype trim elements made with Oryzite, a renewable and sustainable material.
Research from DS show risk of accidents increases exponentially after dark
26 Oct 2020
DS Automobiles suggests that the risk of fatal accidents is five times greater at night, with factors like bad weather and limited visibility increasing risk.
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