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After nearly three years, GrabShare will return in 'beta' version over the festive period
11 Jan 2023
The ride-sharing service was halted in Feb 2020, as authorities raced to contain the COVID outbreak in Singapore. This will mark its first return since.
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I almost paid $3,638 for my car-sharing accident! - we have a chat with Tribecar users to find out more about using these services
15 Dec 2022
Car-sharing provides lots of convenience, but on which occasions do they fare better than other alternatives and what happens when things go wrong? We find out.
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Gojek imposes new waiting time charge
19 Sep 2022
Gojek has announced that it is imposing a new waiting charge if drivers are made to wait more than an initial four-minute grace period.
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Hyundai pilots autonomous ride-hailing service with the Ioniq 5
11 Jun 2022
Hyundai is now putting its in-house developed autonomous driving technology to the test with a RoboRide car-hailing service in Seoul, Korea.
Waymo and Zeekr to collaborate on autonomous electric ride-hailing vehicle
30 Dec 2021
The two firms are collaborating on the development of a new and autonomous electric vehicle for deployment in the U.S.A.
The probable sales gap between the 2016 and 2021 Vezels shows that car releases in Singapore are all about timing
07 Oct 2021
Arriving only 5 years later, and amidst changing market winds and a COE price resurgence, the latest Vezel stands little chance of replicating 2016's success.
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Grab to charge higher fares come June, but there's no reason to complain just yet
25 May 2021
The ride-hailing platform states that the entirety of the fare hike will go towards raising the earnings of its driver-partners.
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CCCS seeks feedback on Grab's platform fee
28 Jul 2020
The Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore is seeking public feedback on Grab's application to impose a platform fee on riders.
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Gojek rolls out cancellation fee and option for multiple drop-off points
17 Jul 2020
Passengers using the ride-hailing Gojek app will now get to choose up to three drop-off points per booking, while a cancellation fee has also been introduced.
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Grab to ban passengers from front seats in rides
02 Jun 2020
Commuters booking trips on Grab will soon be barred from sitting in the front seat, and will have to fill in health and hygiene declarations before each trip.
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Gojek to introduce $0.70 surcharge and additional drop-off point option
03 Mar 2020
Gojek will be introducing a $0.70 surcharge on trips booked through its platform, which the company says will fund improvements to its service.
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Ride-hailing firm Ryde ties up with Trans-Cab
26 Sep 2019
Commuters using ride-hailing app Ryde can book taxis from Trans-Cab through the app's private-hire booking option from next month
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GrabCar fined $16,000 for leaking data
12 Jun 2019
Ride-hailing firm GrabCar has been fined $16,000 for the unauthorised disclosure of the names and mobile numbers of 120,747 customers in marketing e-mails.
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Private-hire operators may get licence to offer street-hail services
07 May 2019
In a public consultation, the Land Transport Authority has proposed two different licences for street-hail and ride-hail businesses.
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New ride-hailing firm FastGo to launch in Singapore
22 Mar 2019
Nine-month-old Vietnamese start-up FastGo is hoping to carve a place for itself in Singapore's ride-hailing scene.
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