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Video Review - Audi RS 3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI qu S tronic (A)
22 Nov 2022
The Audi RS3 Sportback comes with a unique drivetrain and an aggressive yet compact shell. Do you still need more in your hot hatch?
Clarence Seow | 3,538 views | Audi Reviews
Can't find these high-performance models? Check out these alternatives
05 Aug 2022
If you're having a hard time finding these used cars that petrolheads like, perhaps it's time to consider these alternative options instead.
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 11,444 views | Car Buying Advice
OMG! Look at those cars with massive grilles! Yes, well, we grew to like them...
13 Jul 2022
From overall dimensions to wheel sizes and boot space, it seems everything regarding cars is getting bigger - including their frontal grilles.
Julian Kho, Photos by Manufacturer | 6,841 views | Features
Car Review - Audi RS 3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI qu S tronic (A)
06 May 2022
Looking for something to get away from the monotony of the work week? This Audi RS3 Sportback, with its eye-catching design and riotous drivetrain, could be just what you're looking for.
Clarence Seow, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Clarence Seow | 5,239 views | Audi Reviews
Audi has revealed the 395bhp RS3 Sportback and Sedan
21 Jul 2021
395bhp, 500Nm of torque, and a new RS Torque Splitter that comes with its own dedicated drift mode. Enter the new Audi RS3.
Audi presents the new S3 Sportback and Sedan
13 Aug 2020
Audi presents the new generation S3 Sportback and S3 Sedan, delivering more power, more dynamism and more driving pleasure.
Celebrating Singapore's hot hatch heroes
07 Mar 2018
We celebrate 10 of our favourite hot hatches, which may be small in footprint but definitely big on fun and have made motoring in Singapore more enjoyable.
Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming, Sebastian Chia & Manufacturers | 31,624 views | Features
Audi introduces RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback to Singapore
04 Aug 2017
Audi is introducing its dynamic duo - the new RS3 Sedan and facelifted RS3 Sportback, which come with five-cylinder 2.5 TFSI engines - to Singapore.
Local News | 3,908 views | Audi News
Audi presents six new models at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show
11 Mar 2017
Audi is presenting six new models, the Q8 sport concept, RS5 Coupe, RS5 DTM, RS3 Sportback, SQ5 TFSI and A5 Sportback g-tron, at this year's Geneva Motor Show.
Origin of the species - Audi RS3 Sportback returns with 395bhp
13 Feb 2017
The new Audi RS3 Sportback makes its premiere at the Geneva Motor Show next month and comes with a 395bhp 2.5-litre TFSI engine, 33bhp more than before.
The Audi A3 series - a model of success in Singapore
16 Jan 2017
At the top of the range is the Audi S3, which packs more power, torque and a seven-speed S-tronic transmission, which comes with a coasting function.
Local News | 8,349 views | Audi News
The best cars of 2016
19 Dec 2016
As the year draws to a close, the sgCarMart Editorial Team muses over 10 of the most rememberable cars that made our 2016.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 20,532 views | Features
New versions of Audi range stars reveal their darker side
15 Nov 2016
Available from this month in the U.K., these new Audi variants join the first ever Black Edition version of the Q3 compact sport utility vehicle.
Car Review - Audi RS3 Sportback 2.5 TFSI quattro S-tronic (A)
29 Aug 2016
This RS3 is Audi's latest high-performance hatch, which is more than just a firecracker five-banger and seductive exhaust notes - it's also strangely practical.
Text by Nigel Yong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 136,469 views | Audi Reviews

This model is no longer being sold by local distributors

First ever Audi Sport 'Tech Talk' discusses Audi R8 and Audi RS3 Sportback
19 Aug 2016
Audi Singapore's first ever Audi Sport 'Tech Talk' gets under the hood of an Audi R8 and Audi RS 3 Sportback with myAudiworld members.
Local News | 1,431 views | Audi News