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Steady sales and growth, but no more Country Manager: Taking stock of Tesla Singapore
17 Jun 2022
As Tesla's global hunkering down sees it axe its Country Manager for Singapore, we get up to speed on how the electric carmaker has been doing locally.
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Lamborghini Urus sets new sales record for firm
14 Jun 2022
The Lamborghini Urus is now said to be the firm's best-selling model in the shortest time ever, with 20,000 units sold since its launch in 2018.
Porsche moves closer to direct sales in Singapore
09 Jun 2022
Looking to purchase a new Porsche? You could be buying one directly from a new firm which the manufacturer's regional office has just established.
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LEVC celebrates 7,000 global sales milestone
20 May 2022
The U.K.-based taxi manufacturer is offering customers in London free rides in celebration of this milestone and the Queen's platinum jubilee.
Bentley reports record sales for first quarter of 2022
07 May 2022
Bentley states that its profits for the first quarter of 2022 are already equal to the full-year profits it achieved in 2014 - its second-best year to date.
LEVC celebrates sale of 5,000th TX in London
27 Apr 2022
The 5,000 LEVC TX black cabs in London are claimed to have already accounted for a total of two million trips in London.
Porsche sees strong first quarter for 2022
18 Apr 2022
Porsche has reported that its global sales for the first quarter are down 5%, owing to logistical issues in China and elsewhere.
Lamborghini hits all-time sales record for first quarter of 2022
17 Apr 2022
Lamborghini has announced that its first quarter of 2022 saw all-time high sales figures, setting in on course for another record breaking year.
Tickets sales to start on 13 April 2022 for Singapore Formula One Grand Prix
11 Apr 2022
Race promoter Singapore GP Pte Ltd has announced that ticket sales for the 2022 Singapore Formula One Grand Prix will start at 10:00am on 13 April.
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Porsche aims to have electrified models take 80% of sales by 2030
21 Mar 2022
Porsche states that continued investment in battery development and charging network development will aid it reach its ambitious goal.
Lamborghini reports successful finances for 2021
19 Mar 2022
Lamborghini has announced that 2021 was a successful year for its finances, adding to its already successful sales volumes.
Precise Auto covers you from repairs and maintenance to pre-owned car sales and leasing
08 Mar 2022
Whether its automotive servicing and repair, car leasing, or even buying a pre-owned car, Precise Auto is a workshop to meet all your needs.
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Tesla's Model 3 was Singapore's best-selling EV for 2021, but which other cars are electrifying the sales charts globally?
22 Feb 2022
As the shift to EVs intensifies, everyone - from luxury carmakers, to more budget-oriented marques - is racing to win the hearts and minds of drivers.
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Audi sees strong demand for electric vehicles through 2021
21 Jan 2022
Even with global deliveries in 2021 slipping due to the chip shortage, the firm saw total sales of its electric vehicles rising by a sizable 57.5%.
BMW took sales lead amongst premium marques in 2021
18 Jan 2022
With a new all-time high of 2,213,795 units sold in 2021, BMW has taken the lead for global sales in the premium segment.