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COE premiums closed mostly lower at first December bidding
05 Dec 2018
Certificate of Entitlement premiums closed lower across the board in the first round of bidding for December, with Cat A recording the biggest dip once again.
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This is how the COE bidding system works in Singapore
30 Nov 2018
Everyone knows what COE stands for - Certificate of Entitlement. But do you know how the bidding system works? Here's a simple guide to understanding COE.
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Singapore's COE system is outdated! Here's what other countries are doing
22 Oct 2018
The COE system works wonders to deter us from buying cars, but why not explore other less expensive alternatives? Here's what other countries are doing.
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U-turn for Singapore car fleet after a decade of ageing
24 Jul 2018
The nation gears up for cleaner air as half of cars on the road now are below five years old, up from a quarter in 2014.
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COE supply expands for Aug to Oct period
12 Jul 2018
As the COE supply expands, there will be 12.5% more COEs for the next three-month quota period starting from August.
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Singapore's ageing car population drives up workshop business
26 Feb 2018
According to LTA statistics, Singapore's car population has aged over the last 10 years, and is increasing business for vehicle workshops.
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Electric taxi operator HDT eyes fleet expansion
15 Jan 2018
HDT Singapore Taxi, which operates 100 electric-powered cabs, applied to the Land Transport Authority earlier this month to add 800 more taxis to its fleet.
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Hybrid cars are hot in Singapore
06 Mar 2017
According to statistics from the Land Transport Authority, there were 10,848 petrol-electric hybrid cars on Singapore roads as of January this year.
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Rise in COE premiums led by motorcycle category
25 Feb 2017
The increase in motorcycle COE premiums surprised dealers, who had expected the new higher taxes to dampen demand for two-wheeled vehicles.
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COE tender postponement sparks speculation of big car tax changes
17 Feb 2017
The LTA have announced that the next COE tender period will be delayed by two days, sparking speculation about major changes to come from Monday's Budget.
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Cat A COE premiums rise while Cat B and E dip slightly
09 Nov 2016
In the first round of COE bidding in November, premiums for Cat A increased, while Cat B and E premiums hold fairly steady, dipping by less than one percent.
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Cat A COE takes a small dip while Cat B and E head north
19 Oct 2016
At the end of October's second COE bidding exercise, there is a drop in demand for Cat A cars, while demand for larger cars holds steady with hikes in premiums.
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Certificates of entitlement for cars dip in September's second bidding exercise
22 Sep 2016
Certificates of entitlement for cars dipped in the latest tender yesterday, pointing to private-hire players easing off in their race to garner market share.
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COE prices end mixed in latest bidding exercise
08 Sep 2016
Certificate of Entitlement premiums were a mixed bag at the latest tender yesterday, as a number of factors influenced bidding.
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VW's latest model to join its Cat A COE lineup is the seven-seater Caddy
08 Aug 2016
Volkswagen is launching a completely new model in the Category A COE segment - the Caddy, a multi-purpose vehicle that can sit seven.
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