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Step aside SMRT Taxis: Strides Taxi debuts new name alongside new electric taxis
31 Aug 2021
SMRT's previously announced electric taxis are officially hitting our roads - alongside SMRT Taxis' new name moving forward, Strides Taxi.
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SMRT's new electric taxis are more important than we may realise
16 Aug 2021
With its status as a local transport giant, SMRT's incoming electric taxis promise more than meets the eye for drivers all over Singapore.
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Grab one of SMRT's upcoming electric taxis and you could save on your fare
09 Aug 2021
Transport group SMRT has announced that its first electric taxis, comprising of MG5s, will reach Singapore by August 2021.
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Free booster seats in SMRT taxis, priority cabins on NEL
09 Mar 2020
More inclusive initiatives such as priority cabins in trains will be rolled out to improve the commuting experience of the handicapped.
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SMRT private-hire arm Strides to offer fuel-cell cars
18 Apr 2018
SMRT Taxis' private-hire arm - Strides - is partnering Toyota Tsusho to offer Singapore's first hydrogen fuel cell cars by as early as the end of the year.
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SMRT pumps more cabs into flexi rental scheme
31 Jul 2017
In response to growing demand from cabbies, SMRT has increased the number of taxis in its part-time taxi rental scheme.
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Competition forcing more cabbies to give up their taxis
17 Jul 2017
Since late last year, taxi firms such as TransCab and Premier have been cutting rentals by up to 40 percent to attract hirers.
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Prime is also keen on grabbing SMRT's taxi business
25 Apr 2017
Prime, Singapore's smallest taxi operator, has shown interest in buying over SMRT's taxi business; following Grab's offer to do the same.
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Taxi drivers can rent cabs from SMRT by the hour under new sharing scheme
26 Jan 2017
Under a new taxi sharing scheme from SMRT, taxi drivers can now rent cabs by the hour, departing from the usual practice of daily rental rates.
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SMRT Taxis introduces new service Strides and enters private hire car arena
18 Apr 2016
Strides Transportation Pte Ltd, a new private hire car business by SMRT Taxis, offers limousine services, chauffeured services and car rental services.
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MRT disruption causes strain on buses and taxis
08 Jul 2015
Huge crowds gathered at taxi stands and bus stops as commuters waited for alternative forms of transport after MRT services were disrupted on Tuesday evening.
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SMRT to double its fleet of hybrid taxis to 1,300 by next year
23 Aug 2014
Transport operator SMRT plans to add 700 new hybrid taxis next year, doubling its fleet of these eco-friendly cabs to 1,300.
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Setting standards for taxis is good but not enough
29 Nov 2013
Observers and taxi drivers pointed out that setting standards to improve the taxi service in Singapore is good, but more can be done.
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Borneo Motors delivers first batch of Prius Hybrid taxis to SMRT
30 Oct 2013
Borneo Motors is proud to partner SMRT to introduce hybrid taxis, which aim to provide a smooth, quiet and enjoyable ride for all passengers.
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London Cab fleet doubles - becomes wheelchair friendly
12 Jul 2013
SMRT's fleet of London taxis have doubled in size to 30 cabs after the firm added another 15 cabs in service yesterday.
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