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Stopping power: How to improve braking performance
28 Jun 2022
Making your car go faster is only good if you can make it stop better as well. Here's how to enhance its braking performance
Jeremy Chua, Photos by Editorial Team | 8,949 views | Car Technical Advice
HELLA PAGID Brake System - Effective stopping power when you need it
02 Jun 2014
As the leading supplier of OEM brake components, HELLA PAGID prides itself for its innovative and quality range of products.
Text by Nicholas Low, Photos by Low Fai Ming and Manufacturer | 13,167 views | Features
N Sports Brake Pads - Outstanding stopping power
29 Nov 2013
N Sports Brake Pads are designed to improve the overall braking performance of any vehicle, boosting your confidence on the roads.
Text by Regan Ong, Photos by Low Fai Ming | 10,899 views | Features