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Subaru debuts the new 2024 Impreza
22 Nov 2022
Subaru has revealed the new 2024 Impreza at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which features a sportier five-door hatchback design, along with a 10% stiffer chassis.
These are some of the best RWD cars in Singapore right now
19 Oct 2022
Rear-wheel driven cars are wonderful to drive, with a great balance and possible hooliganism on the road. Here are some options you can have in Singapore today.
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Who says you can't own an awesome sedan in Singapore? Here are some you get for less than 160k today
23 Sep 2022
Getting your hands on a brand new high-performance sedan seems impossible now, but what about a used one? We list down seven of the best...
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Subaru celebrates 50 years of all-wheel drive
19 Sep 2022
Subaru is celebrating 50 years since the debut of their first all-wheel drive system and having sold 21 million AWD vehicles since.
Cars we want to see revived before the world goes all-electric
09 Sep 2022
These are some long lost cars that we would love to see make one last appearance before the world goes all-electric!
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You can now view the Subaru BRZ at Motor Image's showroom
07 Sep 2022
Highly praised by driving enthusiasts worldwide, the long anticipated Subaru BRZ is now available in Singapore for viewing.
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Facelift - Subaru Forester e-BOXER Mild Hybrid 2.0i-S EyeSight (A)
07 Sep 2022
Upgrades to the EyeSight system and new practical touches in the cabin make the Subaru Forester as great an SUV as ever.
Clarence Seow | 6,995 views | Subaru Reviews
Subaru has sold five million cars with its EyeSight Driver Assist Technology
02 Sep 2022
Subaru's EyeSight, which features a whole host of driving assistance technologies, has been sold in five million of its cars since its introduction in May 2008.
Why buy hot hatches when you can buy these two-door sports cars?
15 Aug 2022
Hot hatches have always been our favourite type of cars, but aren't there any other types of cars that can better them? Well, perhaps these cars here will...
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Can't find these high-performance models? Check out these alternatives
05 Aug 2022
If you're having a hard time finding these used cars that petrolheads like, perhaps it's time to consider these alternative options instead.
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Lambency Detailing has what it takes to protect your car's paintwork
19 Jul 2022
We take a deeper look at just what applying a ceramic coating at Lambency Detailing entails, and how it will keep your car's paint protected!
Clarence Seow | 2,987 views | Features
Still prefer to swop gears yourself? Here are some manual cars you can still buy in Singapore today
15 Jul 2022
Manual transmission modern cars are getting harder to find, but they aren't completely gone. Here are some manual cars you can still get in Singapore today.
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These Kei cars on sale in Singapore are so cool that even the wife will approve
08 Jul 2022
Kei cars come with small engine capacities and compact dimensions. Here are some that are available in Singapore that are so cool even the wife will approve.
Julian Kho | 17,287 views | Features
Here are several sports cars that can double up as daily drivers
06 Jul 2022
You want to have the both worlds but high COE prices are stopping you? Well, here's a useful list of sports cars that can also be great daily drivers.
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Who says sports cars are unattainable? You can probably get one of these in Singapore right now
24 Jun 2022
We all love sports cars. I mean, who doesn't? Only problem with them is that we can hardly ever afford one, or can we? We put together a sports cars craigslist.
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