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LEVC electric TX taxi overtakes diesel TX4 in London
13 Mar 2023
LEVC has announced that its plug-in range extender TX electric taxi has overtaken the diesel TX4 taxi population in London.
All new Kia Niro Plus Hybrid to hit Singapore roads
01 Feb 2023
Official Kia agent Cycle & Carriage has signed an agreement to supply Premier Taxis with 700 units of the all new Niro Plus Hybrid over the next year.
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Ioniq 5-based robotaxi takes the Las Vegas strip
04 Jan 2023
Hyundai has released a new video demonstrating the Ioniq 5 robotaxi's autonomous driving tech as it makes its way past the traffic of Las Vegas.
Temporary taxi fare hike extended due to high fuel prices
19 Dec 2022
Both ComfortDelGro and Strides Taxi have announced that they will be extending a temporary fare hike until 30 June 2023.
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Singapore's forgotten EVs, Part 3: The EVA Taxi
26 Sep 2022
In this three-part series, Sgcarmart explores early EVs that promised much, but then never materialised. In Part 3: A taxi predating ComfortDelgro's BYD e6s.
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Magical Taxi Tour takes 100 children to Disneyland Paris
20 Sep 2022
100 children who were suffering from a range of chronic illnesses and life-limiting conditions were taken to the Disneyland Resort Paris for a weekend.
LEVC to showcase three platinum TX taxis as part of jubilee pageant in the U.K.
02 Jun 2022
The London Electric Vehicle Company has announced that it will showcase three platinum electric TX taxis as part of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Pageant.
Kia launches new Niro Plus electric taxi
29 Apr 2022
Based off the first generation Kia Niro EV, the Kia Plus is the firm's first purpose-built vehicle designed to serve taxi duty in South Korea.
Public bus and taxi services to Johor to start come May 2022
23 Apr 2022
Public bus services 160, 170, 170X, 950, as well as TS1, TS3, TS6 and TS8 are all standing ready to send you to Johor come May 2022!
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Taxi tier list! From one-off Yellow-Tops to the original Crown Comfort
24 Mar 2022
In commemoration of, uh, the first taxi fare hikes in close to a decade, here's a look back on a few memorable names that have carried the 'TAXI' sign.
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ComfortDelGro to raise its taxi fares come March 2022
08 Feb 2022
Expect your total fare to rise by approximately 7.7% should you hail a ComfortDelGro taxi come March 2022.
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ComfortDelGro aims to add 400 new all-electric taxis to its fleet this year
06 Jan 2022
The firm is said to also plan to field up to 1,000 battery-electric vehicles by 2023, shifting the all-electric share of its fleet to 10%.
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COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund extended; to cost government $16 million dollars
21 Oct 2021
Eligible drivers under the scheme can look forward to an additional $5 per vehicle per day in November and $5 per vehicle per day in December.
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Additional $23.5 million of support for point-to-point drivers announced as Singapore tightens restrictions (again)
24 Sep 2021
The LTA is reviving the COVID-19 Driver Relief Fund (CDRF) again as Singapore tightens restrictions while battling its largest surge in cases yet.
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MOM to look into strengthening protections for delivery riders, PHV and taxi drivers
15 Sep 2021
Around 79,000 people worked with matching platform companies in 2020. An advisory committee by MOM will now look into strengthening protections for them.
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