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Porsche 963 completes testing successfully at Daytona
21 Sep 2022
The Porsche Penske Motorsport team reports success with the Porsche 963, seeing the race car lapping Daytona a total of 397 times and improving its setup.
BMW M Hybrid V8 enters next testing phase in September
06 Sep 2022
The BMW M Hybrid V8 has completed testing in Europe, ironing out teething issues, and will be heading to the U.S.A for further preparations.
Kia EV9 undergoes final technical testing ahead of 2023 world debut
27 Aug 2022
The Kia EV9 SUV will be undergoing the final stages of rigorous testing, which will see it being pushed to the limits of durability.
Jaguar Land Rover invests in electric future with new testing facility
05 Aug 2022
Jaguar Land Rover shifts even more focus into electric cars and connectivity in a bid to meet current and future legislation and quality standards.
Rolls-Royce Spectre in second phase of 2.5 million km testing programme
30 Jul 2022
The Rolls-Royce Spectre has been extensively developed by the manufacturer, going through extreme conditions of Arjeplog, Sweden to the current French Riviera.
Hyundai breaks ground on new safety lab in the U.S.A
30 Jun 2022
Hyundai has broken ground on a new Safety Test and Investigation Laboratory in the U.S.A, designed to help prevent crashes and keep passengers safe.
BMW M2 sees final development tests at the Salzburgring
13 Jun 2022
BMW is currently putting the new M2 through its final development test at the Salzburgring in order to hone its chassis setup.
BMW XM enters final phase of development testing
17 May 2022
BMW has announced fresh powertrain figures and given us an approximate reveal date for the XM as the car enters the final stages of development testing.
BMW iX1 completes dynamic testing
11 May 2022
The upcoming all-electric BMW iX1 is predicted to deliver an range of up to 438km, and will be available with all-wheel drive.
Rimac Nevera completes final winter tests
14 Apr 2022
The Rimac Nevera has completed two weeks of winter testing, where engineers fine tuned its ABS, ESP, and torque-vectoring ahead of customer deliveries.
Coupe body confirmed for Rolls-Royce Spectre as it undergoes cold weather testing
31 Mar 2022
Rolls-Royce has confirmed that the all-electric Spectre will get a coupe body, with a silhouette and dimensions similar to the Phantom Coupe.
Ford takes F-150 Lightning through heat and snow
27 Mar 2022
The Ford F-150 Lightning has endured searing 47 degree temperatures as well as towing tests in the snow as part of its development.
The new MINI 3-Door undergoes cold weather testing
24 Mar 2022
The next all-electric MINI 3-Door is currently getting its handling tuned in the freezing winter landscapes of Sweden.
Honda opens new world-class wind tunnel in Ohio, U.S.A
23 Mar 2022
The new wind tunnel is able to test both consumer and motorsport vehicles, and can generate wind speeds of up to 305km/h.
BMW iX5 Hydrogen undergoes cold weather testing in Sweden
14 Mar 2022
The validation of the unique drive system could see it becoming a new carbon-free option in markets where charging infrastructure is limited.